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A HUGE Surprise That Made Me Cry

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When I got home from school today, there was a HUGE box by the door!
It was from THE HOPE EXPRESS, and I won't say the name, but I am sending a thank you note, and you would not BELIEVE everything in it!
Sweet Pea bubble abth, gel, lotion a tea bag for the bath!! spongie, PLUS a Lancome gift bag, and a basket it all comes in for my angels to play in!
a candle, a little pillow!

A card with a kitty hanging on a rope, and the note written by Sam, RoLee, Sophie (I hope it is ok that I named the names)
I am so thrilled to have found this site.

My kitties are playing with the stuff and sniffing the bottles.

They are as thrilled as I am!

I just nevewr never expected anything this nice from anyone!

I know who is responsible. Won't say as to not embarrass anyone, plus there was another note from THE HOPE EXPRESS saying they wanted to remain anonymous as much as possible.

Love, Bobbie
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How awesome is that!! What a beautiful present that it!! Have fun with your new pressie Bobbie
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So lovely - have a lovely pamper session. Don't worry about the kitties - sounds like they'll be occupied for hours.
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What a lovely surprise!! Enjoy!
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It's wonderful to hear you so happy, Bobbie!
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that was soooo sweet!!!
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How nice to come home and see something so special just for you!! Very cool!
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That's wonderful Bobbie! You deserve it!
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That's awesome, I'm so happy for you!
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What a great surprise! Enjoy pampering yourself, sounds so relaxing.
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I HAVE to tell! Rosiemac (Susan) did it for me!

What a sweet friend!! Thanks to the darling kitties, too!

You just do not know how much this means to me. I am doing something nice for someone.

My friend Clarice teaches 4th grade with me. Her husband Jim is getting deployed to Iraq (with The National Guard) for a year or more. They have 3 children: a little girl in 3rd grade, a boy in Kindergarten, and a 4 year old.

I am going to buy little surprises for the children and put them in Clarice's box, every other week or so until Jim returns. During the summer, I will mail them. Clarice has already agreed not to tell them it is from me.
I want them to feel special, for I know they will really miss their daddy,
SO.............this good deed of Susan's has spawned another one!
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Paying it forward like that is a wonderful idea! What a nice sweet surprise for your weary soul there Bobbi-
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Awwwwwwwww....See?? It just goes to show, there really ARE good people in this world, who care about others!!!
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Oh that's super wonderful! What a wonderful suprise!
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Wow that is so great This truely is a forum filled with wonderful people. What more can one say then that?
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Aw, that sounds like quite the treat - hope you're enjoying everything! I know I would, lol!
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What a wonderful surprise for you!

It is so wonderful that you have decided to pay it forward too, it will be lovely for you to share the sentiment!
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Oh wow how lovely! Those gifts sound wonderful!
What a great idea for those children as well. I'm sure it will affect them greatly.
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What a wonderful surprise!!! It's so wonderful to know that someone is thinking about you.
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How wonderful! And I'm not the least bit surprised that Susan was behind it all - she's such a warm-hearted and caring person. I'm so glad you're going to "pass on the bounty" - that's extremely thoughtful of you, too.
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