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Top 10 Houses to Avoid When Trick-or -Treating

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10. Any house that seems to be imploding into a hole in the ground.

9. Any house made of food.

8. Any house that has ornamental lawn hyenas.

7. Any house whose only entrance goes to the basement.

6. Any house where high-tension power lines seem to stop.

5. Any house that keeps growling, "Get out."

4. Any house where the furniture seems to be walking around the
living room.

3. Any house that looks more like a giant, pulsating orb floating
3 feet above the ground than a house.

2. Any house with a yard full of statues of people in odd
running poses.

And the Number One House to Avoid.

1. Any house that wasn't there a couple of seconds ago.
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That is good. I think our house must fall into one of those catagories. We have not had a trick or treater in two years since moving here. Of course most of the population is elderly so I guess that is why. I do have lawn ornaments that are big but cute...LOL :witch:
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Most of the population in my town is elderly too. We do get a few trick-or-treaters. :witch: :owl:
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#11. any place that has neon Budweiser signs or any other beer logo's out front!
(I work as a bartender, sorry. )

I live in an apartment complex (they call it a "community") of 390 apartments, and I'd say 4/5 have children. Unfortunately, I had to work, which basically means dealing with "big kids" so I couldn't be home to greet the little crumb snatchers!

Personally, I'd rather be at home with the trick or treaters, than at work with the drinkers, but they don't pay me for that.

Maybe after I sleep I'll start a thread telling about my night...then again, why make evryone else suffer? :laughing2:

Great post though :LOL:
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Aw, Come on, Cleo, Share!!! I have worked as a waitress/barmaid; we could swap "warstories" about childish adults in ridiculous costumes getting "Pie-Eyed" and trying to convine some "Sweet Treat" into becoming a one-night "Trick". . . . . :pinky:
:egypt: :homer: :bat :bat :bat :witch::jarswim:
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On Halloween night anything can happen. And I'm sure there was a full moon last night too, that makes people act strange. Go ahead and share your story with us. :owl: :witch:
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