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Laila - Oh Where is Laila

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I'm having serious Laila withdrawal. It's been weeks! Does anybody know when we could expect to have her back and see new pictures. Where is Julie with our Laila?

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I'm with ya! I was just thinking about her again this morning and decided to do a thread search on her...


I'm sure she is all adult-looking by now...we've missed out on some very cute stages of her life

Now I'm depressed!


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Goodness, when was the last time we heard from her? December? I miss them!
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I KNOW! me too! And I have tried to PM her, but her box is still full...
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Hummmmmmmmm, I wonder where Julie and Laila are???????
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Hi everyone!

Sorry Susie, took me a while to figure out how the site works.

Hope you guys remember us. It's been such a long time since my last post.

Lots of things have changed and it's been a really tough year for us. Don't know where to begin but here it goes.......

My boyfriend and i broke up and i had to move out. I took Laila with me, but i had to leave my dogs Luka & Mila and my other cat Ally behind because i moved in with my parents and there was no room for them in a one bedroom apartment together with their 80 lbs mountain dog. It was hard, but at least I got to visit them.

Work was a problem for me in Croatia. Salaries are so low there that it was impossible for me to stay there on my own. Living with my parents was not an option, so I decided to move back to NY. It was rough. I had to leave everything there. My beautiful babies. All my stuff. Everything!

In NY I stayed with my brother, but only shortly, because he was moving to Croatia for good. That's when it became real hard. Money was tight, and i had to look for an apt. Took me a while: 3 jobs later, and moving to different apartments 4 times, here I am. I finally have my own apt. I'm still not settled in, since i had to start from scratch (furniture, dishes, linens, TV, PC) but it's OK. I just bought a PC yesterday, and here I am.

Well, here comes the sad part. My dog Mila got hit by a car and died, and Ally went missing. That was so hard for me to deal with because i kept blaming myself for leaving them behind. If you add to this the stress of breaking up, moving and financial troubles, it's safe to assume that had to deal with some depression issues. Let's skip to the good part.

Laila is doing well. She's grown up, but still little for her age. I don't have any new pictures of her on the PC, since i can't find the usb cable for my camera. Sorry guys. For those of you who remember Laila, I'm sure you'd like to see how much she's grown.

In the meantime, here's something that might bring back memories:

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Oh my goodness Julie, welcome back!! I'm so glad to hear that Laila is doing well. I think about her often and wonder how she's doing. What a rough start to life she had.

I'm sorry to hear about Mila and Ally, and all the things that have happened to you. I'm glad things are starting to look up for you.
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Julie - hi! shivers you've gone thru so much!! nice to see you.
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Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad you have found your way back to the site! And there's our little miracle baby-kitten. Laila stole my heart from the first day you posted asking for help with her, and I have to admit that she still holds it.

I've thought often of you and Laila and wondered how both of you were doing. I'm sorry that such difficult times have fell on you. And I'm deeply saddened to hear of Mila and Ally.
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Thank you Linda, Heidi and Sam. It's good to be back.

My pc has a memory card slot, so i was able to download pictures without the usb cable. Took me a while to figure that one out.

Here are some pics of Laila. My baby girl all grown up!

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Oh look at her!! Such a beautiful girl!

Hard to believe that we were all cheering for her first poopie on her own. She's come such a long way with the love of a wonderful lady.
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Goodness hasn't she grown!!!!!
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Julie, needless to say when you PM'd me yesterday, I was shocked, happy, thrilled all at the same time! You have tons of friends here and I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that heartache. We're here for you and I'm so glad you found your way back to us! As for Laila, my little angel is all grown up! She looks like my Bailey!! Give her big kisses from me and keep those pics coming!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Hard to believe that we were all cheering for her first poopie on her own.
Laila has to be the first baby here that i remember us doing the poop dance to!

Julie it's so good to hear from you both again And look at that little beauty now!!!

Did we lose Julies thread in the crash does anyone know?, because i'm sure the newer members would love to read it.

I'm sorry to hear about all the problems Julie, along with losing the dogs

We need more pictures Julie, so bring that little girl into fur pages!
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Yes, Susan. Unfortunately, it was one of the casualties of the big Crash. However, at that time I searched and found Google's cache of the first 6 pages of that thread. It's still less than 1/2 of the thread and only takes us to when Laila was 17 days old, but it's something. I'll see if I can get that up on the net somewhere tonight.
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That would be brilliant Heidi!, I wouldn't mind reading whats salvaged again
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Oh my goodness! Our itty bitty kitty is all grown up! What a beautiful young lady she's grown up to be.

Originally Posted by rosiemac
We need more pictures Julie, so bring that little girl into fur pages!
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Here it is: http://www.savesamoa.org/Laila/index.html It's only the first 6 pages (of 65!), but it gives a glimpse into how this started, and why those of us who were here remember Julie and Laila so well.
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She is so lovely! It's truly heartwarming to see little Laila all grown up because of one lovely person who did so much for her. Bless you Julie. I'm also sad to hear you've had such a difficult time, but things will only get better for you I'm sure as we shall all be sending good vibes to you.

Now don't leave us again! We always need folks like you around here so please stick around for us.

PS - Thank you so much for the Laila "fix".
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Oi Julie where are you? so scared we're going to lose you again!

I bet you and Laila have a real special bond!!
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Heidi, thank you so much!

I'll never forget Laila's first few days with me, (the first 2 months actually), but it was sooo strange to read about it again. Not only did it bring back memories, it brought back that feeling of helplessness and the emotional turmoil I went through. We all went through! You guys were with me the entire time and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I remember being overwhelmed by all the support I received from you guys. I admit, i got teary-eyed reading it again.

Susan! It's great to hear from you. I remember the first poopy dance too. It was the first time I really laughed during those days.

Thank you Yosemite. I'm so happy to see the gang forming again. Don't worry, we're gonna hang around this time. You guys were like a family to us and I'll never forget that.

Here's another pic of Laila with her favorite toys. Her first toys from day one. Her brother and sister she used to cuddle with when she was little.

Since Laila's thread got lost during the crash, I'll post some of those pics too. Believe it or not, she actually brings these two to bed with us. When I go to bed, she carries them from her basket to my bed. Mostly the white teddy bear, but sometimes both. She's become a weird cat but I'll get into that in my next post.

Here are the pics:

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Don't worry, Sam! We're still here.
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Oh my gosh!!! Welcome back Julie & Laila!!! I literally gasped when I saw this thread!

First off, I'm so sorry that you've been through so much. I'm so sorry about your breakup and financial troubles. Most of all, though, I'm sorry about Mila and Ally. I remember well the pictures of Laila and Mila (or was that your other dog...you had two?). She was such a sweet dog. I also remember beautiful Ally. She was a gorgeous girl with a tortie body with white paws, yes?

I can't believe how big Laila is! You can tell by the look in her eyes that she is still as spunky as ever! How could she not be happy and healthy after the care she received from you, and the "please poop!" vibes she received from so many people here! It is so wonderful to see pictures of her again, and I hope you're going to be a frequent presence here!

On another note, is anyone else having trouble reading the old thread? Page one works okay, but all the other pages go to another thread, each one the same as the last. Or is it just me? It could be me.
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there's our sweet little lassie!
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Awwww Julie........there's our little girl! I'm so glad your back......you belong with us..........
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Originally Posted by clixpix
On another note, is anyone else having trouble reading the old thread? Page one works okay, but all the other pages go to another thread, each one the same as the last. Or is it just me? It could be me.
No it's me as well

She is just one gorgeous little girl!, and if only she knew just how special she was/is here

Look at her she was soooo tiny!!!!

Julie do you still have the picture of Laila with that huge boot!!!
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If you're trying to read the archived thread, don't use the normal navigation links to go to the next page. (I know, hard habit to break I made the pages and I still had to think to not automatically click them!) There are navigation buttons in blue and orange on the side and bottom of the page - use those to go through the 6 pages that were archived by Google.
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Found them Heidi!, thank you

I couldn't see any of my posts but got so excited again when the poop dance was on page 5
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Thanks Kelly! Great to see you too!

You're right about Ally. She had one black paw, one white, and the other two were black with white tips. She had such beautiful markings. Here's she is:

And here's one of the few pictures I have of her and Laila together. Don't know if you guys remember, but I couldn't keep them together until Laila was big enough for her shots. Shortly after that I broke up with my ex and left. Ally is the only cat Laila has ever been with.

Yes I had two dogs. Luka and Mila! Mila was the one who was caring for Laila and following her everywhere. she was like a surrogate mother. She drove poor Laila crazy licking her all the time. Luka was the big golden retriever who was scared of Laila and would run away when Laila would try to play with him. Here they are:

Mila & Laila. Look at Laila's face!

Luka & Laila

My poor babies! I miss them so much!

Susan, you remember!!!! I love that boot!!! It was too big to take with me so I had to leave it in croatia.
I don't have them on the pc yet. I'll look for the cd and post them for you.
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Oh gosh, I remember almost all of those pics!

You know, even though there were hundreds of threads lost on the crash, there are really only two that I miss...Laila's and Penguin's. And thankfully, both of these amazing kitties' caretakers have come back!

Julie, you just don't know how many smiles you've spread by sharing these pictures of that amazing and beautiful kitten, and now pics of her all grown up and pretty as ever.
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