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Make a Member feel good: LilleKat (emma) 23.02.05

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Thank You tricia for nominating me yesterday!
Sorry i am a bit late with the nomination. i should have done it this morning before i went off to do my things.
I pass on this special Day to Emma because she is a wonderful person.
She has supported everybody on this site and has shared some great stories.
I Wish you a good night and day Emma
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congrats emma
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Good choice Fwan

Congratulations Emma - have a great day. You always have a good word and offer support to so many - as well as being good fun too. Enjoy being in the spotlight.
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Wooo! Congrats!
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Yeah! Fwan, good & excelent Choice with Emma!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!
hope you has a really lovely day!!!!!
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Emma, you're definitely a bit of Scottish sunshine on the board. And a great mommy to Alex. Rune is a lucky guy to have you moving to be with him...don't let him forget that you do DESERVE to be treated as a Queen!
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I enjoy your sense of humor and open heart. May your day be filled with sunshine and happiness.
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A wonderful day for a wonderful person!
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CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!!!!!!!!! You ARE such a kind and caring person and you DO deserve a day, just for YOU!!!!!!!!
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Congrats Emma! I enjoy your friendship and reading your posts!
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Congratulations, Emma!
You are a great person and always have something meaningful to say! I also love the fact that you dream like me!

Have a great day!
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just a bump! so she can see it when she comes on...
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Oh Wow - you guys are just the best! I really wasn't expecting this at all and it has brought a smile to my face. Truth be told, I'm exhausted today - I was the "creche" yesterday and I had four 3-5 year olds to look after and put to playgroup and take home again, as well as changing my name with all the local authorities I could think of - AND get a friend in labour to hospital in one piece AND then go pick up the bits after my brother!! I sat up all night waiting for a call about the new baby and because I was so tired I threw up breakfast this morning. Not a great start... so this has been a fantastic surprise. Thankyou so much!!

I hope you know that I value each and every one of you as dear, dear friends and the things I share on this board are because I love, respect and trust you all. I thank you for all the happiness you've brought me over the last .... however long it's been ... I'm honoured to be thought of as a friend
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