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can't get cat in carrier

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sorry, I'm new and having trouble getting my cat in the carrier.

I used to be able to do it by putting food in there with a blanket or shirt of mine, but after a cross-country flight about 6 months ago, my cat won't go NEAR the carrier now; I think she'd rather starve, which I hate to do.

any other ideas/suggestions?
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My cat hates any enclosed area, so the carrier isn't someplace that she would go into of her own accord. When she has to go to the vet, it's a struggle each and every time. We end up cornering her, covering her with a towel, picking her up in said towel and putting her in the carrier. It's never a pleasant experience for any of us.

I'll move this to Care & Grooming.
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I feel your pain. One of mine won't go anywhere near it either. I would suggest a 'top-loading' variety of carrier, as it seems to be easier to drop him in the top than trying to wrestle him in the door.
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Turn the carrier on its end and drop him in gently, wrapped in a towel if necessary. Don't let him see the carrier till the last moment - hide it behind a door or something. This used to work for me.
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I ended up buying a top-loading carrier and it is easy to get even an extra-large kitty in without a fight.

I also get it ready the night before. I put a towel in there, secure the front door, and leave the top open. I then put it in an out of the way place in the spare room. Merlin will hide for about two hours after I've handled it, and by morning he's completely forgotten about it. Then I'll get ready, get my shoes on, and then pick him up and carry him to the carrier. He's so shocked he doesn't even fight. And I haven't been late to the vet since I started doing it. (He learned that if he hid under the bed, I could reach him. Sigh.)
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Maybe you need a larger or a smaller one?? My kitten came home in a large carrier, he hated it!! I got a smaller one and he sleeps in it.
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I had the same problem until I bought a picnic basket style carrier, just open the lid and drop them in
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if you feel safe doing this wrap your kitty up in a blanket and carry him. or you can buy pet sleeping bags which you can just pop your pet in.
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