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Needy kitten

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Ive had my kitten for about 3 months. On Monday I just got back from spending a weekend with some relatives. One of my friends stopped by my apartment to feed Luke and give him his water and vitamins. When I got home Luke just freaked out. He was following me around meowing and if I left the room without him he would run through the house meowing until he found me. If I leave the house even for 5 minutes he waits at the door and cries until I come back. He has never been like this before. He is usually a very independant kitten. I dont think I traumatized him by leaving, I was only gone for 2 days. Ive left him alone before. Now he cant stand it if I even leave the room without him. Is there anything that I can do to make him calm down? I dont want to sedate him or anything but its been 2 days since Ive been back and he is still acting the same way. I spent the whole first day petting him and playing with him until he didnt want to play or be pet anymore. I just dont get why he is acting like this. Can anyone help me?
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Any change in behavior is a trip to the vet. It is possible while you were gone that he stressed out enough he is ill. He could be telling you, hey, I don't feel well. For peace of mind, I would take him in to the vet and have a check-up done. Then hopefully if he checks out healthwise to be okay, you can look at other issues that might cause this. But rule out health first. Even if he "seems" okay to you.
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Limerick's been doing the same thing. I think he got use to all the attantion and now wants it all the time. stay strong don't ive in to his every meow, he'll learn to be not so needy. Tough love is needed sometimes
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Once you've learned that Luke is healthy, be patient with him. Depending on who's taking care of my boys when I go away, I come home to either total aloofness, or major need. Cats don't adapt easily to change.

Just be loving and spend time with Luke...he'll calm down soon.
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