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and baby makes 5.....

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Yes Chris & I are expecting our first child in September

I have so been wanting to tell my 2nd family (TCS) this news but we have been waiting until we passed that crucial 12 week mark before we announced it to the world
We found out the news days before Christmas so it was a great Christmas gift to our parents.

We are presently at week 13 and due date at the moment is Sept 4th. We have had 2 scans already - the 8 week scan and the other night we had the critical 12 week scan which came back with the all clear

Tipsy & Cedar are a little unsure what this news entails but I am sure they will find out pretty quickly come that day in September when the baby comes home
I am also lucky that my best friend is 18 weeks pregnant and another very close friend is 24 weeks - so its going to be baby central around here soon.

This has also been part of the reason I havent been around as much lately (and also a crazy work schedule I have at the moment)
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I have said it before, but you can never say it too much!


I am so pleased for you both! It is great that you have pregnant friends too, it will be so much fun for you all to have babies at the same time!!

I am sure Tipsy and Cedar will love ther new furless kitten when it arrives!
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Wow!! A new baby!! CONGRATULATIONS. That's a great day that junior is due - my stepson's birthday is September 4th!

I'm glad that things are going well and SOOO excited for you both. Congratulations
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Oh Wow Danielle!! A big Congratulations coming from here too. What a busy time for all our TCSers, weddings and babies abound. I'm also glad to hear things are going so well.
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oh danielle im so happy for you, you must be so excited! are you going to found out what sex it is or are you going to wait? If it was me, id have to find out
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Sending healthy, happy baby vibes your way!!!
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Fantastic!! Congratulations!
What wonderful news!
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Am i pleased the "cats out the bag!"

Danielle you know i'm thrilled about it

Oh but we need to tell everyone about baby's temporary name that you and Chris have gave!.

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You soo have to make it on my birthday
because it is your first child and it will most likely come late
so it has to be on the 7th!!!
even better on Teufels birthday on the 8th!!
I think its baby boom on tcs!
aww yayyyy im so excited!
now i know why i want to be a midwife!
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Aaaww beb congratulations to both of you! You must be absolutely over the moon (plus at this stage you tend to be over the sicky bit too!) All the very best!
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what an exciting time for you!! many blessings for a healthy pregnancy and happy baby

and how neat that your friends are expecting at this time as well...you can comiserate and then when your children arrive you can go for walks together and play dates!!
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Guess you have to give up the bourbon for a long while.
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Babies make the world go 'round
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Oh yes danielle!
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Danielle, how wonderful for you and Chris. Congratulations. This is such an exciting time for you - getting things ready for the new baby, etc.
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Congratulations Danielle!! What an exciting time for you and Chris!
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WOW That's great news!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
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Oh Dan!! I'm so excited for you guys! What a great time in your life!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Am i pleased the "cats out the bag!"

Danielle you know i'm thrilled about it

Oh but we need to tell everyone about baby's temporary name that you and Chris have gave!.

Yeah I always wondered... what's up with Baby Obes?

Anyway, congrats Danielle! I'm obviously happy for you and can't wait to be Auntie Ariana! Now will the little one be ready to travel by March 2006?... you know he or she would love to see Hawaii!

Just wondering... have Tipsy or Cedar acted differently since you've been pregnant? I know sometimes cats "know" before we do... oooh maybe that's why Cedar's acting shy lately?
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What great news!!!! So great!!!


Well, er, not this many kids, but you get my point!
Elizabeth & Eric & Sasha & Saba
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Danielle!!!!!!!, Yay! for you!!!!!!! my best wishes for you
I´m soooooo hapy for you & Chris,
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Oh Congratulations Chris and Danielle! I'm so happy for you both!
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Congratulations, Danielle!!
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