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Just watched a special about "Ligers" a breed of wild cat that is strictly man engineered. A male tiger is bred to a Lioness. The purpose who knows? The place where these cats were kept is called Ligertown and the abuse just sickens me. One night, the cats who had been abandoned there by the owners got out and when the police got there- they had to shoot 17 ligers because they did not have the capability of darting them all. In the morning 27 more remained in the compound and were rescued by Martine Collette who operates the Wildlife Waystation in the Angeles Mountain Reserve in L.A County.
When the ligers arrived they were all half-starved and hostile towards any human contact. In fact to be rescued several of the cages had to be cut open as there were NO doors! The babies are growing, and the adults are now well taken care of. It was a fascinating special on the Animal Planet, and although sad, there is a good outcome for many of the cats who would of otherwise died from neglect.
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I saw a special on Ligertown a few months ago, maybe even a year, I'm not sure? I remember thinking 'ok, cool animals, what are they going to do with them?"
I guess now we know.

Thats sickening that anyone can be so heartless to any animal.

Thank goodness someone stepped in and gave them, well some of them, a chance at a decent life.
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So glad to hear they are all ok now. Ligers, if you ask me, are cute. I did a post a few months back: it was a place where you could "adopt" some of the big cats. One of them was a liger.... so cute! It is sad how some of those animals are treated. The one site that I was on -- it was a rescue site that rescued the big cats from "breeders" and such. It was so sad to see the before pictures. Now, they are healthy & happy, but what they must have gone thru prior to being rescued
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Wow. I must be living in a cave. I have never heard of Ligers before.
It sickens me how man can play around with nature that way, and do things that nature never intended, and then just abandon them and not take any responsibility for them.
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Oh Mary Anne,

that makes me so sad
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is that this only happens in captivity, because in nature the two would never breed! They sedate the female beforehand, otherwise they would really have a problem. Man has to muck around with everything it seems.
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