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john and I got wheatgrass shots yesterday...There not as bad as i thought, actually they arent as bad as i have heard, it was actually kinda sweet...and this really bright green........
they gave us a pamphlet on it while we were there, it was like 5 pages...Good God is that stuff good for you...we might make this a regular thing...I am just not sure how often i am supposed to take them...........
So i guess i wanted to ask the wheatgrass takers on this board how often i should get the shots, and well i guess let the rest of you know that this wierd green liquid is amazing for you.......... just wanna keep all of you healthy
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What is wheatgrass for? Is it injected into you with a needle?? *eeeeeek*
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lol....nooooo a shot glass of it that you drink....lmao
it does everything from give you energy to kill infection to lower blood preasure..Its good stuff
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wow ive never heard of wheatgrass
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I thought you meant wheat grass like barley. I found this and it is very interesting.
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Ohk, it's just you said "shots" and since alot of Americans on this board call Injections Shots so I got confused. Thanks for clearing that up!
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lol no problem Sam...I read my post back afterwards and realized i probably would have thought that too
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