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To Catalina

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I've PMed you. Please read, its an emergency.
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You should have my answer by now. please keep me informed and good luck!
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Hey sweetie,
I did pm you back and I'm sure you got my last one, but...just know that my heart and prayers are with both of you :angel2:

Love & Peace,
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any word on how the kitty is doing?
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I'm worried. I sent Nena10 a PM and haven't heard back. I hope everything is okay. Any word on how the kitten is doing?

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No, I haven't heard a thing...I'm worried now too. I'll try to email her...see what happens there. Maybe if we all try, she'll see that we're here for her...I hope and pray they're both okay.

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I got her email right after she posted this thread and responded right away, but have heard no word. I too hope and pray that Rascal and nena are okay
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What happened to poor Rascal? I tried to PM her but haven't gotten a response yet.
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Thanks everyone for your prayers. Hissy, after reading your message on Wednesday, I went to make an appointment for Rascal. I had it on Thursday. Then I went home and found him asleep, but okay. When he saw me he started purring. I found the bowl of canned food that I left by his side almost empty which means he ate. And he was begining to be playful again. He did wake up at three and started licking me and playing with me again. He was chasing a feather on a string. On Thursday, I took him to the vet. He did have worms and the doctor gave him a dose of some medicine and she gave me another dose to give him on the 14. He has been eating but not drinking. The doctor told me that cats drink mostly when I don't see and as long as he is peeing, I shouldn't worry. He weighs 1.5 pounds. Last night when we got home, he was being more playful. Climbing and running all over the place. He was his usual bouncy, jumpy, frisky kitten self. Last night, he awoke and wanted to play. this morning he was flying all over the room. So he is okay. I think I feel like a first time mother, calling the doctor all the time. I like the vet. She was the one that took care of Jake and now Rascal. Thank you guys for the prayers and advice. the girl who gave him to me said that she gave him the four feline combo shot. she explained to me what it was, but I didn't understand her. Can anyone explain to me in an understandable way, what a four feline combo shot is? The vet explained it to me, but still, I didn't understand it. I thought they get the feline distemper and the leukemia combo first.
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By the way, I didn't go to school yesterday so I can stay with Rascal all day. Sorry to keep you guys worried. I didn't go to work either.
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*sigh* I'm glad to hear he's okay. The combo shot I believe is Distemper, rabies, leukemia and aids shot all in one. It could be that he had a reaction to the shot. I'm just relieved that he's okay. Please, please, please, next time keep us posted. We were so worried.

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Thank God! We were all so worried! I'm so happy Rascal's okay and you are too

Panleukopenia Booster,
Feline Rhinotracheitis (FVR) Booster,
Calci Booster (FCV),
Chlamydia Psittaci Vaccine

She wants to see him again, cause the FVR needs to be boostered to insure maximum levels of immunity...sometimes once...sometimes twice, depends on the vet I guess. Mine only did that once...so, go figure?

You have no idea how much we worried here...like I said...Thank God!

See ya later Nena...Take Care and kiss to Rascal too!

Love & Peace,
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I apologize for not responding quickly. See, I didn't go to school yesterday and the school is the only place I have access to a computer. I am working on getting my job so that I can get my computer. I have to go to work in a few minutes. I really don't feel like going since I only work 8 hours every week. I work every wednesday and every friday. Wednesdays from 3pm - 8pm and Fridays from 1pm to 5pm.
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Don't apologize, we were all just concerned about you. As long as you and Rascal are okay is all that matters.

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Dear Nena :daisy:

No need to apologize or explain, but I sure can understand your situation. It's good for me to worry now and then...I'm only human :laughing2
Good Luck, I'm so happy you and Rascal are okay
PS...You can kick your neighbor in the arse for me; tell him to give you some heat so you guys don't freeze!
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Cat, don't worry. I am going to buy a heater for my room. I will only have it on when I am home, though.
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Nena10 I had that Idea once - the electric heaters are very very very expensive - I mean they will run up your electric bill like you would not believe. I would use it very selectively unless electric is included in your rent then give it to them but good!!! Glad to here all is well!!!!
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That should've been we're only human! That's not so bad! haha
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