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A new name...

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I am trying to think up a new name for Scratchy. I think it is an awful name and always have, and she has really outgrown it now. I'm really struggling though! I've never had so much trouble naming a little darling and it's very frustrating. The best I have been able to come up with so far are Precious (but too Lord of The Rings) and Moth, who was a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I thought of that one when I first got her, but nothing seems quite right.

Anyone got any good hints on how to name a kitty???
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Well, what would you say her personality is? Princess-y, playful?
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The oldest cat I've renamed was 6 months, how old is Scratchy? Maybe you could think of a name that sounds similar to Scratchy like Sashy? or something.. Good luck.
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I like Sam's idea -- something not too different in sound would make the adjustment easier for everyone -- what about "Sassy" -- she's a sassy looking little girl! And it has lots of sibilance in it, which I gather cats respond well to, so that might help, too.
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Oooh I like Sassy, too!
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i agree, sassys a nice name
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Ha! You guys are great! Sassy is excellent! It really suits her personality and is much nicer than Scratchy. Not that she responds to anything, really, but it's best not to be TOO confusing .

I think I'm going to change it to Saskia, which has always been one of my favourite names, has Russian/Slavic origins and can be shortened to Sassy.

Fabulous! Thank you!
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you just need to change your siggy now to Sassy!
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