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Keep Kitties Safe Tonight

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This is only a reminder that tonight is not only Halloween, but a full moon. There will be alot of "unusual" people out there whose beliefs can cause harm to many things.

For your kitties safety, if indoor/outdoor cats, please keep them in tonight. Provide them with a softly lit room and radio, with litterbox, food and water. It will also keep them from getting stressed out from not being able to go outside. It's only for one night and could very well save your precious friend's life.

Happy Halloween.


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to black cats one year in my town, I have to further warn those who have black cats. There are some sick individuals who truly believe that black cats are witches "familiars" and in destroying the evil presence of black cats on *All Hallows Eve*, these sickos feel justified that they have protected many mortal beings from the wickedness of witches. Please keep your beloved pets safe. My ferals will be shut up in the barn tonight for their safety until this threat passes. I just keep thinking that when I was growing up, Halloween meant dress up and candy and nothing more.
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Rascal is safe and sound in my room.
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Thank you for the reminder Donna!
My cats are always inside (well, except the 2 times Cagney flew the coop), but I see many in our complex that roam freely, and hope they will be safe tonight, and always.
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Thank you for the warning Donna,its so hard to believe that anyone could hurt a cat. In England fireworks have started going of already, I'll just be glad when its over, Felix is terrified of all the loud bangs.
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I wish I could be home with my cats tonight. Unfortunately I work nights till 10. I will go home on my dinner break to check on them thought, as I only live 10 minutes away.

With all the violence and abuse towards animals going on these days, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween everyone.

:bat :flower:
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Very good advice, Donna! I hope everyone's Halloween was good (and safe)
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Well, I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and everyone's kitties are safe as well.

My brood fared very well. My black cat Marina Mar wasn't feeling too well so I put her in the back bedroom with a radio, light, food and of course, her litterbox. She's better now.

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The minute the door opened this morning he hightailed it across the grass and with his white manx tail I thought I was looking at a jackrabbit! Some of the bales of hay are virtually destroyed as he clawed his way trying to find an out. I hate confining him most of all, but for pete's sake, he was in a barn, not a cage! All kitties counted and safe!
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