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Bath time

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I gave Limerick a bath today. haha, he was not very happy. He did pretty good though, didn't fuss too much. He's mad at me though, won't let me go near him. hahaha.
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Awww, Limerick, why didn't you like your bath?
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Awww hopefully he wont huld the grudge for long!
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i wouldnt even try to give socks a bath, i know id end up with no arms, hpefully he wont bare a grudge for long though
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I gave Rocky a bath once, and man did he turn into a shedding machine. I'm too scared that Apollo will turn into a shedder too if I give him a bath.
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I only ever had to wash one cat once. He'd got his back end into a container with white spirit.

I got him in the bath pinned his shoulders down, and used the hand shower to wash him down. I think they could hear his row down the other end of the street.

The worse thing was when he was dry he still smelt of spirit so I had to do it all over again.
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I've only ever bathed Felicity when she was a kitten and she had a digestive problem when she first arrived.

Tippy, Felicity and Adelaide weigh between 7 and 9 pounds - I wouldn't attempt to bathe any of them unless it was absolutely necessary. Mainly because I'd only be able to do it once as I wouldn't have any arms left afterwards

Lily - that's a different story, if she wants to sleep in my bed with me she gets a bath and that's that!!! But, she's only 3.5 pounds and not likely to get much heavier, so I can easily overpower her
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