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Now that's just wrong...

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Letters from students bashing the military, the war in Iraq and Bush were sent to an unsuspecting solder serving in Korea.

Personally? I think the teacher was totally in the wrong here. He should have read the letters, if he didn't (he won't comment, so that sure makes me think he did!), and if they weren't appropriate (which these certainly weren't!) shouldn't have sent them. Say what you will about Iraq and Bush, but that soldier did NOT deserve this!
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I agree with you Heidi, at the end of the day he's only doing his job
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Reminds me of the good old days in school ...

I remember several teacher's strikes throughout grade school. Frequently, during those times our "writing assignments" were to write letters of support, asking for more teacher pay etc. etc. etc. Woe to the student (like me ) whose letters had a different opinion !

That teacher knew and was probably just trying to foist his/her own agenda on those kids. Sheesh !
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Yeah that is really mean spirited. If you want to protest go to Washington and stand in front of dippies house, it's his doing not the soldiers. They are being honorable and doing their jobs.
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I quite agree. That is a totally inappropriate way to protest government policy -- no matter how much you disagree with it. Those guys are just doing their job, and a tough one at that. They don't deserve to be dumped on for policies they had no hand in making.
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I agree...If these kids, and apperently teacher have a problem with Bush, and his way of dealing with domestic affairs...they have the constitutional right to let him know...But not a poor soilder...some of these soilders didnt ask to go to war.....
A friend of mine joined the military, he wanted to go to college, and see the world..there was no war at the time...He flew to Newark NJ to swear in....As he had his hand raised, making an oath to defend his country the first plane hit the trade towers, Yup he swore in a little before 9am on 9/11/01....and the kid that just wanted a college education found himself in the middle of a war.....
How many other soilders are just like my friend..The last thing they need is to read letters from 12 year old kids about how there sacrifice is worth nothing.....
The teacher should have known better...I totally support teaching kids to question the government..I do it every single day, but to pull a stunt like this is completly disgusting
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I have a great idea. They should send that teacher to Iraq to meet that soldier in person and then tell that teacher hey, you are on your own now buddy.
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Yeah that ^^^

There was no reason for them to do that!
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that poor soldier.
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I agree. As vehemently opposed as I am to the war AND to Dubya, I fully support our soldiers who are just doing their job. I work at a military base and am honored to be surrounded by these soldiers and cry every time I see them deploying. TRUST ME when I say that many of our soldiers disagree with the war as well. But, they do not need to be told by students, who know NOTHING about what it's like to be a soldier, that they do not support them... that is just wrong. They need our support and nothing else.
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that is terrible!!!

if the teacher wanted them to explore their feelings on this subject it should have been in the form of an in class essay where he could validate the "facts" that they used and discuss them.

One girl wrote that she believes Jacobs is "being forced to kill innocent people" and challenged him to name an Iraqi terrorist, concluding, "I know I can't."

Sounds like this teacher had an agenda to me.
No matter what, anything that went to a soldier should have been uplifting and positive, even if they couldn't believe in the cause. A simple "we hope that you stay safe and come home soon" will do.
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Our students are having a debate next week on 'Was the war in Iraq justified', which will be interesting to listen to. But though I know most of them are very anti, they would never insult the actual soldiers, most of them lost fathers, brothers and uncles who were conscripted into the conflicts here, and they know too much of what it means to have to fight.
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A teacher using SIXTH GRADERS for his own agenda! Shame on him!
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I have a real problem with teachers giving such letter-writing assignments, because I believe there's always a bit of coercion or undue influence involved, and the letters therefore don't necessarily reflect the kids' opinions. IMO, they should never have been sent. Why didn't the teacher simply assign an essay?
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Speaking of the soldiers, I caught most of the Frontline special last night where they traveled with them in combat, what a great bunch of guys. The leader was an especially great guy, I mean I know they knew the cameras were on but still you can't fake that kind of decency and honor. I mean I was not pro this war but now that we are in there I want to see the best of it, they did show some good relationships with locals etc, it's not all bad but they insurgency was getting out of hand and more trained etc. They couldn't deny that.
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