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Oh NO, Big Ouchie!!!

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I went to put my broom away in the closet and didnt see the cat, she got her paw caught in the door jam. She wont let me look at it, she just runs away! I mean its not bleeding, but I am sure it is sore. should I try to get her and put some ice on it? or what?
I think I may have just gotten her paw pad stuck...it didnt close completely on it. she yelled before i closed it. I think it might have just scared her. But like i said I havent been able to evaluate it yet.
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Give her time to calm down. Don't chase after her to look at her paw. I know thats usually my first reaction!

Once she is calm enough to sit in your arms, I usually feel the paw...is it swollen? is it bleeding? is she moving it? do I feel any lumps? So far I've been lucky.

I'm going to leave this to the experts to answer. But don't beat yourself up. Kittys can be in the strangest places!
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Ouch!, oh how many times have we all done things like that?!. My two are always around my feet that i need eyes in the back of my head!.

Do you have any treats to tempt her out with?.

It usually works with my two and i usually get down on my tummy and talk softly to them
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i was making the bed this morning and i threw the pillows on the floor.
as i was putting the last layer of the blanket teufel was under the pillows and i stepped on him!
not hard but he ran like crazy!
he is okay though
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Aww, Erica... Dont feel too bad, sweetie... It happens... They get into the strangest places... I once rolled over Malakai's paw with the desk chair... He limped around for a little bit but he was fine within 20 mins... Just wait until she comes to you and then check to see if there's any cuts in the pad or dried up blood... If something was broken, I'm sure she'd let you know...
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Liza! you bad girl
everyone always runs over my feet with those chairs! im glad we dont have ny in the house now
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Originally Posted by fwan
Liza! you bad girl
everyone always runs over my feet with those chairs! im glad we dont have ny in the house now
Fran... it wasnt my fault... He was playing under the chair for a while and then he went away... the next thing I knew I moved the chair and heard him scream... He must have snuck back under the chair... Now, I'm extra careful when I move the chair because his food is in my room next to the desk and I have to watch how I move or I'll catch his tail while he's eating lol... He'll live... One of Adrian's favorite things to say to him is "Is it broken? No? Is it bleeding? No? Then you'll live.." He's so sweet, right? He says the same thing to me... Gotta love him...
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Yeah, that happens! I'm sure you kitty will be fine.

One time Milo was laying on top of the open door and I didn't see him there and went to shut the door next thing I know there's this really loud scream...almost gave me a heart attack! The poor baby, think I got his front and back toes pinched, not sure about his tail though. But he was fine after he calmed down, it took me a bit longer to though!
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I'll move this to Health & Nutrition.
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