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Kitten Cuteness?

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Anyone seen this video?

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Oh Cindy that was so funny and cute!.

Watching those two kittens in the bullying scene was like watching Sophie jump on Rosies back like she does, while giving her a quick bite!
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Oh dear, I get enough of my two bullying each other already!
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awwww how cute!!!
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Oh rats! When I click on the link, all I get is a bunch of jibberish, letters and numbers and symbols! I WANT TO SEE!!
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Susie keep trying because it would open the page several times for me but woul go straight off?!
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so cute! the 'bird watching' one made me remember - Cable saw her 1st birds yesterday (or at least, the 1st ones where i was watching, too!) did the little kitty 'chatter' thing - she was so cute!
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Oh, Cindy, how super cute is that!Thank you!
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Aww that's cute!
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i had to laugh!
my kitten swats me the same way and attacks me the same way as if im a kitty too
but that video was just too adorable
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oooooooooooooo I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Reminds me of my little Ali Queda!
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That was a great video
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