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Darkened Whiskers

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Are whiskers always supposed to be white? I have an almost 9-month old who have about 3 whiskers that are turning a darker brown. Is this abnormal?
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I only expect white whiskers in white cats. Other color cats have other color whiskers.
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My Sturgis has black whisker and white whiskers.
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Thank you both!
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Mouse's whiskers were black, mostly. Pixel's are white - Cable's are a mixture!
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Cat whiskers are so neat. Gandalf's are all white, lone and straight. Samwise on the other hand, his are dark nearly the color of his fur, short and curved.
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Whiskers can be all sorts of colors, they usually match the color of the cat. Ali's whiskers are black at the roots and for about 1/3 of the whisker and the other 2/3 is white.
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Pitufo has white and black whiskers.
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Marcellus, who is all black, had all black whiskers when he was little with the exception of one white whisker on each side. We thought that so cute. Well, he eventually lost those white whiskers, not sure if they fall out and get replaced or just grow, I assume they get replaced. Anyway, no white whiskers now, all are black.
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One of my kittens has whiskers that are black the half towards his face, and white at the other end. The vet thought that was odd. Both have black and white whiskers.
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wow learn somethign new every day... never thought about whisker color... my girls are both white
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Hans is a piebald and has white wiskers. Merlin and L.S. both have silver-grey whiskers that match their fur.

HoHo (one of the shelter cats) has all black whiskers except for one white one on the right side. It's the only way I can tell him apart from a distance.
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Willow's whiskers are multicolored, just like her fur. Several are two or three colors on the same whisker! Spot's are all white. My boyfriend's folks have a solid gray cat and a solid black cat, and both have whiskers that match their fur. My mom's cat used to have mostly black whiskers, but as she has gotten older, a lot of them have turned white.
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