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Diagram of the feline brain

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this was posted on FARK this morning.. I think it's amusing, and vaguely accurate :P But then one of my little boogers took a chunk out of me this morning, which makes me a little irritable
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Oh, yes!!
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Love it!!
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so true
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That basically describes almost any cat I've ever known (especially the circuit that turns purring cats into shredders!)
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I especially love that "mysterious adoration of just one spot on the bed". For the longest time Baylee would sleep in the corner of the bed, right by my head. Then when Max was allowed to sleep in the room, he chose the same spot!
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I think this was written from researching my 3 not so angelic angels
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Yes i saw my two girls there as well!
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This is so funny, Denise!Thank you!
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love it!
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thats great! I love the interacting "barf gland" and "licking gland"
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That's pretty good!
Tucker is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Mini has attacked it in his defense...She doesn't like it, either, but won't run from it the way Tucker does.
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I think Ali's brain is made up mostly of the "short circut that turns a purring cat into an arm shredding cat in two seconds" part. The other day I was sitting on the couch watching TV and she jumps up on my chest, scratches my face, bites my nose and then falls asleep purring! >
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it's almost scary how accurately it describes the majority of cats. I think that is Juicy's brain!
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