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Murder Mystery

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Lets get those brains thinking!!!

Murder Mystery

Your goal is to find out who killed Bobby Benson, what weapon was used, and where the murder occurred. The murder was done single-handedly by one of the six suspects listed below. The murderer used one of the weapons on the list at one of the locations on the list. Good Luck!

Suspects: Fred Frost, Martha Miller, Rhonda Ruggles, Arnold Anderson, Teresa Townsend, Barry Bendix

Weapons: Lawn mower, plunger, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, tuba

Places: Bunker Hill, Camp David, Sears Tower, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Washington Monument.


1. Fred Frost did not do it.

2. The vacuum cleaner was the only weapon at the San Diego Zoo

3. If the murder weapon was a tuba, Barry Bendix did it.

4. Fred Frost had the only plunger.

5. The murder weapon was not a vacuum cleaner

6. If the murder occurred at the Washington Monument, Martha Miller did it.

7. The plunger was the only weapon at Disneyland.

8. Arnold Anderson was with Teresa Townsend when the murder occurred.

9. The tuba was the only weapon at Bunker Hill

10. Rhonda Ruggles was the only suspect at the San Diego Zoo.

11. The murder didn’t occur at the Sears Tower.

12. The only lawn mower was at Camp David

13. Teresa Townsend was at Bunker Hill when the murder occurred.

14. The murder did not occur at Camp David.

15. There was only one suspect at the murder site.

(feel free to PM me with answers)
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I've never been good at stuff like this!
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Awww. Give it a shot Sam. It isn't too bad. I wrote things down in a grid and it make is a lot easier.
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Okay I think I've narrowed part of it down, I'm gonna PM you and see if I'm progressing.
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how confusing was that!!!
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ya'll are doing well that have pmd me. Keep em coming!
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i did it
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Yup yup. Good job to PinkDaisy, Yosemite and Caz

Keep em coming guys. I'm not posting the reply until... oh... tomorrow.
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