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Since I am new to the cat world...is it normal for my Angel to be super lazy? She sleeps/rests all day! LOL. She does play a little, but on her time, not when we want to LOL.... Just curious.
Thanks, Erica
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Hi Erica,

First of all welcome to TCS. I don't think your kitty sounds lazy, if you made a trip to my house you would see a big bunch of sleeping kitties too!

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Really depends on the age of the cat/kitten whether or not to be concerned. Kittens have huge spurts of energy then they sleep to recharge. A spayed or neutered cat no longer has the wandering bug, so they tend to sleep more than they did before they were altered.
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Also, Mine, anyway, like to cause mischief at night? i think it's the predatory instinct.. It's possible your kitty plays when you sleep
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My two could sleep for England! especially Rosie!
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Geez don't feel alone here!!! (in regards to LAZY CATS).

It was said somewhere by someone that cats sleep 20 out of 24 hours a day. I bear witness to this.

In just about all of the photos I have posted on my web albums of my monsters, in I'd say 90% of them, they are sleeping. Or on their way to sleeping, after eating.

They're spoiled little buggers and they know it. But yeah they tend to get lazy, especially when they are pampered, well-fed and they have blankets & beds at their disposal 24 hours a day.
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Want to trade for Buddy? Pleaseeee?
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I have a cat who loves to sleep at least 20 hours a day.
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20 hours a day!!!! Oh my, he won't suffer from stress that's for sure.
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My Marcellus sleeps alllll day. He's up to eat, do his business, and maybe to wander around a wee bit, play tiny bit, otherwise, he sleeps. Wallace is more active and Lewis ( 6 months old)....I wish he would sleep more sometimes.
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