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Garbage tie???

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I posted elsewhere that we're worming our new kitten. A week or so ago she had a black plastic tie off some computer cables. I tried to get it away from her but she ran off. The next day I found a matching tie in our bed. I assumed she had played with it and found it again.

Patches has worms and threw up her meds. I was petting her today and feel a 'ridge' type feel in her abdomen running up and down her abdomen about 2 or 3 inches in length. She WAS 'fixed' so this might be where she was stitched.

Do you think it's something she's eaten?

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No way to tell- only a vet would be able to tell you. Kittens eat all kinds to things like cords and string and ribbon and plastic bags. Try and kitten proof your home so you don't have these worries and high vet bills. Go into every room and lay down on your belly on the floor and look around. See what is dangling and where the kitten can get into trouble, then fix it so the kitten can't. Put drapery cords up, tuck cords behind boards and duct tape them down. Plug any hole the kitten could get stuck in. Clean each room thoroughly and pay attention to corners where stuff can accumulate even dead spiders can be a hazard to a young kitten.
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