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Giving injections becoming disasterous

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My Punkin, who was disgnosed the diabetes about a month ago, is now becoming quite a handful when it is shot time. After the last blood curve at the vet, he has been very difficult. I know they had quite a time with him...I sudder to think what could have gone on. The vet told me to give the shots in the back of the neck, which worked well for a while. I know they can be given in the hip, but you must be careful not to hit muscle, so I haven't tried that (although the vet recommended staying with the neck). I read on a website dealing with PZI insulin, which is what Punkin is going to have to use now, that the shots should not be given in the neck because there is little blood flow. However, they never made any other suggestion about how to give the shots. I cannot stand battling with him 2x a day. It is breaking my heart. not to mention making us both a nervous wreck Anyone have any suggestions???
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What size/gauge is the syringe? When I worked for a vet clinic the vet would use the smallest on his patients that he knew were sensitive. Also, while I was working there we had a diabetic cat who had to come in every once in a while to get his levels checked/stabelized. Well, I usually gave him his insulin injections and the needle on the syringe was very thin and I gave them just in front of his hip (he never seemed to mind). Is your furbaby at all tense when you are giving the shot (does his body feel really tight)? If so it could be irritating him. I can't remember any title but I have seen books on massage techniques for cats that can be quite relaxing for them. If you could get him in a really relaxed state right before the injection maybe he might not even feel it. Just a thought. With all the injections I assisted with and did on my own I always seemed to notice that when the animals were relaxed they didn't even notice but those that were tense did.
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It's a 29 gauge needle. I was told that the 30 gauge would probably bend too easily. He is not tense until he feels me begin to pull up the skin on his neck. I was giving it to him while he was eating, and that worked well for a while. I have given it after he eats and then begins to do his after dinner rest. Now any time he feels the pull on his neck, he begins to squirm.
He is not going in for curves anymore, due to the fact that he hasn't been very pleasant at the vet's office. They felt that was the reason we were still getting very high readings. He has typically been such a laid back, cooperative kitty, even at the vet's office. They have always commented on how sweet he is.
He is not responding to the insulin I'm giving him now - Humulin U. We are going to try PZI. I am suppose to monitor him with DIAsticks - which is another problem altogether.
If I try the injection in the hip, do I pull up skin or just "pop" it in? Is it to be injected in that spot just before the leg starts (don't really know how to describe the spot I'm speaking of)?
Thank you so much for your response. Any more suggestions would be appreciated.
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try this website - hope it helps


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That information was just wonderful! I am so glad you posted that, I think it will be very helpful for Janine. Information like this should be printed and given to every individual who has to handle this.


Definitely read this link Helen has posted, you will find it very usefull. I would try injecting between the shoulder blades like the article suggest and always "lift" the skin. It is very difficult for me to describe the area near the hip I would inject, I would feel much more comfortable showing than describing. Good Luck and keep us posted on how things are going!
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Thank you so much. One of these sites I had read, and I have been using some of the techniques. I never could get that "tent" thing down and have been using the other method since the beginning. I had not seen the other site. It looks like it also has a lot of other links. Thank you again. You both are angels
Keep the advise comin'

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