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Make a member feel good (2/22/05): fwan!

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Since I'm supposed to nominate somebody for today's thread, I've chosen someone who hasn't been around here long, but has certainly become a very active, and cherished, member. Fwan is one of those people who always manages to remain upbeat even in the face of adversity, and does her utmost to help and encourage others. So, I thank fwan for being herself, and for all the fun PMs!
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Fwan! Fwan! She's the (wo)man! If she can't do it, no one can! Congratulations
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Congratulations, Fran!

You are a good friend and a great laugh! I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Secret Santa with you! Enjoy your day!
I still have some goodies to send to you!
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Tricia! This morning i dreamt about tcs and that i saw my name as the title but it was the questions thread!
As soon as i read the thread i was jumping around the kitchen with a huge grin on my face
this has really made my day!

Thank you Ugaimes!

hehe thank you sarah i enjoyed it too! i finally uploaded the photos but.. they are a bit blurry!
I still have to post your things too but im waiting untill i have a bit more money! sorryyy

Now im really going to have a hard time choosing for tomorrow hehe
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Congratulations, Fwan. You're loving but tough when you have to be. I admire your sunny attitude in the face of many s. I hope your day is a happy one!
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Yay Fwan! Fwan you are so sweet and I love your pictures of Teufel... obviously my fave is the toothbrush one! Anyway, you are such a postive, uplifting person and you have done so much for YOU lately that I'm so proud of ya! Way to go!
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Congrats fwan!

It's been good getting to know you!
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congrats fwan
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YAY Fran! You're such a sweet person. Congrats to you!!!!!!
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YaY! Congratulations, Fran!!

You are so sweet and caring... You've listened to me and sympatized when I thought no one understood what I was going through... You've been through so much and you've managed to do the best you can for yourself and I'm really proud of you! I'm always here if you need me...
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Congratulations Fwan. You are deserving of all the praise. You have had some difficult times but you remain up and positive. WTG!
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Congrats!! I am glad to see it was you today! *high five*
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What a good choice!

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is your positive attitude. You've had more than your share of tough stuff in the time we've known you, but even when you're telling us about whatever the difficulty is, you're not whining -- you're looking for ways to deal with it constructively -- and you listen when people offer their thoughts.

But you're also sweet and funny, and share your life with a darling little furface. Please kiss his sweet little nose for me, if he'll allow it.

Have a great day.
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Congratulations Fwan!!! I also enjoy reading your posts, you always have such a great attitude Enjoy your day!!
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Fwan, YAY! You've shared so much of yourself on this site! I've cried and laughed with you. Sometimes you crack me up. You always have a wonderful attitude and genuinely care about others. Congrats!!! ...and Tuefel is sooooo......adorable!
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Hey Fran, Congratulations!

You certainly deserve to be in the spotlight for a change. You're always going out of your way to make other's feel good. Well now it's your turn.

Thanks for always complimenting my posts with your replies. You're like my sidekick. Keep up the sense of humor and stay as you are. You're a great person to know, and you know, I mean it!
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Fran, congratulations. You know, I have always admired your determination. Most people just sit around to cry and not do anything about their situation. Congratulations. Keep it up, nothing can bring you down, if you propose yourself to it.
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I always enjoy your posts-the yellow fluid in the toilet was hilarious.
From your posts I gather you've had some rough times in your life but you seen to handle them well.

Congrats again!!
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Thank you all for your compliments!!
You have all made me feel really special today
Im so proud to have found a community like TCS.
Sometimes i even visualise you people as if you are next to me hehe

well i will have to sleep on it and think about the next special member.
But thank you all for making my day and with all your compliments you all deserve a
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Congrats Fawn, I love reading your post, and I think you're a cool person.
Enjoy your special day.
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I've given this one some thought here....

Fran, since you've taken your life by the horns and moved into your own place, I've watched you really blossom. You've really come into your own in the past few months, and been able to show us what a strong, wonderful person that you are.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us!
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woo hoo Fwan!! congrats

You are so sweet in all of your posts, and I really admire the advice that you have given to members about overcoming obstacles to make the most of yourself--you go girl! and your kitty is a doll!!
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Congratulations, Fran!!
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thank you

as i look back now it really helped being strong.
But with out certain people i wouldnt have made it!
I thank everyone who has supported me on this site
and i thank my beautiful gatto for licking my face and giving me cuddles through the hard times.
Now its already the 23rd and i think its time to nominate someone else
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Congratulations Fwan!
Your posts always make me smile. I think you are a very sweet and caring person!
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Fwan - I'm always a day behind with these things . It's great that you were chosen for your special day. You have been so brave dealing with the kinds of things that someone your age should never have to cope with. You're a courageous person and will be stronger as you get older because of it.

You deserved this special day - it's great knowing you through TCS!
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Oh i nearly missed this!

Fwan you are a determined girl and you always have something nice to say about others and to lend your support

And who could forget how your little Teufel treat my Sophie like a princess on valentines day!
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Fwan I'm so sorry I missed the date of the thread - but that's not going to stop me posting at all! I for one certainly feel close to you and like so many have said, you've stayed strong and cheerful through the awful things that life has thrown at you. You've more than proven your own strength of character and indomitable spirit, but in a way you've also proven the strength of our community in coming together to keep members afloat when they feel they're sinking in a sea of sorrows. You're there with a friendly word to everyone, a smile, a giggle... you've got it all girl. You don't seem to be a person to whom material things matter so much as the love of those people around you - there's certainly a lot of it coming your way from me. Just you keep going the way you are! Thanks for all the wonderful things you've said and done here, and long may it continue!
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Sorry I'm a day late on this, Fwan but you really are a great gal with a great kitty! I hope life sends many smiles your way!!!
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How did I miss this??!!

Fran, congrats on your special day! You are definately a person one could look up to. As others have said, you've been through some rough times, but you take them and turn them into something better. I certainly wish I could do that! And I love reading your posts; you certainly have quite the sense of humour, especially in the air freshener thread! Thanks for the laughs! Oh, and you have such an adorable kitty! I especially love the pic in your siggy of him brushing his teeth; everytime I see it, it makes me smile!

Once again, CONGRATS.
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