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What do you think happened to my Cat [illness]

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I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our health experts can help you.
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Thank you...I was just editing a few spelling mistakes. Surprising how many there was
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How is he doing now? Is he recovering okay? He is likely to return to you in a bit of a shocky way, because of all the trauma, stress and pain he has had to endure. Give him a nice dark warm quiet room to sleep in so he can regenerate. Give him a lot of soft bedding to sleep on and make sure he eats.

About what happened? I have no clue, but at times it is always good to get a second opinion. If the cat wasn't eating, and had gum or teeth problems, it is likely the vet saw it as the primary reason and stopped looking further.

I am just glad that the cat made it out of this alive, and you have to be sure the cat eats after he gets home. He isn't going to feel like eating, so you might have to force feed him. Once a cat stops eating for 42 hours they fall into a viscious cycle of anorexia and won't eat because they feel full. There body can't handle being with food for long periods of time. Watch him carefully and best of luck!
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Hi Hissy
Thanks for writing.
The vet said today would be the one to get out of the way after the long surgery then I hope he will start to recover and get well again even without his gallbladder. I visited him last night before knowing what was to take place today and soon as he saw me he wanted to come home even though he was weak on a drip etc. I asked the vet if I would be okay to visit today or maybe better after the long operation if seeing us he would get to excited and maybe best for him to have this first day without any excitement in him thinking he can come home. The vet said it would be best to start visits tomorrow once today is out the way so I shall do that and say a prayer for him like I have been doing all morning. He said to phone anytime to se how he is so that is what we are doing at the moment until the surgery closes.
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Hi rob,

Welcome to TCS. I'll be keeping your kitty in my thoughts.
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Hi Sam
Thank you..You ave a great website and it sure dies give comfort to those who are in need of advice or just a friendly chat.

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That's what we are here for Rob.
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Rob, as an EMT I can tell you that anytime someone, human or animal, goes in for surgery there is a chance for infection...that should have been cited in your surgery concent. In humans bloody frothy sputum is caused from a tear in the throat or fluid in the lungs. I am no doctor, so I cant really give you any more advice than keep and eye on her and make sure the Vet is someone you can trust.
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Also if it looks like your cat is going in for a longer stay at the vets, take an old tee shirt, and put it on and exercise like the devil! Get that sucker wringing wet with your scent and stick it in a ziplock bag. Run it out to the vet clinic, tell them you don't care what happens to it, but you want it in the cage with your kitty. Your scent will help keep him calmer
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Poor cat - he has had a real ordeal. I sure hope that now the problem has been identified he is on a quick road to recovery and can come home soon.

One suggestion - is it possible that he had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic during the surgery? I know it isn't very common, but one of mine had a life-threatening reaction to the anaesthetic used during her spay surgery and it was only the quick action of the vet that saved her life. Her liver was affected, swelled and started to ooze blood spontaneously. I know it is a long shot, but ask your vet if is it a possibility that he was allergic to the anaesthetic used.

btw - what is your kitty's name?

(sending healing energy your way)
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Hi Rob, I am so sorry and I am sending prayers tonight to you and your kitty. I have had kitties go downhill after anesth/sedation/antibiotics. i'm so sorry. keeping you in my thoughts.
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Hello Rob,
What an ordeal. Made me nervous at my Bakker is at vet's right now getting neutered. Can't say I have ever heard of what your poor kitty went through. Keep posting on his/her recovery.
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Oh my gosh, I DO hope your poor little kitty is feeling SO much better, really soon. I just posted above, to the post about "keeping kitty's gums healthy" and was talking about how I almost lost my little Miss Missy cat. She had her teeth cleaned (and had tooth problems ) and two teeth fell out during that tooth cleaning. The vet I had then, did not give her any antibiotics and I very nearly lost my dear little cat. It is very frightening when all the different things begin to go wrong--and all at the same time!!! I felt like I was going through it all again, while I was reading your post. My cat did not end up having surgery, but I know how frightened I was as I was going to a different Vet's, (with the loud encouragement of the posters on this site!!!) I had assumed my cat had a post-op antibiotic shot, and she didn't... and NO antibiotic drops either, for me to give her. So she got sick--and went downhill REAL fast, like your kitty did! I really hope your kitty recovers very quickly and he is back home and happy with you again, SOON!
Keep us posted, OK??
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Wow, makes me nervous about getting Buddy any tooth work done.. I think I would refuse treatment from that other vet from now on though given the story you just told. Heck, I might even be asking them to cover fully or partially the expenses you have been though if in fact it was caused by their own lacking. Of course, if they don't admit wrong doing then that might be quite hard to prove.. Anyways best of luck to both of you!! I hope the kitty feels better soon!!
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