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Good vibes for Bella please!

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Well it was back to the vet today for what I thought was going to be just suture removal (She had just gone on Sat, been diagnosed with a URI and given antibiotics I had given her religiously twice a day with scratches to prove it). Today they noticed she had tapeworms and gave her a shot for those. They also were worried that her URI wasn't better (it has only been 3 days!) and that she is underweight. SOOO... they prescribed antihistimines which are SO hard to get her to swallow and this gooey calorie supplement stuff I'm supposed to give her every day. I asked the vet if she was going to be ok and he said he had no crystal ball, that he had seen URI's result in death. I'm so worried about her! She's been sneezing and slobbering but I just attributed that to the cold, you know?
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GET WELL SOON BABY BELLA We are ALL wishing you well so that you can get back to playing with your mommy!
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery, little Bella.
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Awww Bella! (((((get well quickly)))))

Do you have to feed her the calorie supplement by syringe?
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Awww Sending good health vibes to your sweet Bella. Get well soon sweetie!

When I have a hard time giving any of my kitties a pill I put a little butter on it and it usually goes right down. (as long as I can keep it in their mouths that is.)
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Rosiemac, I am supposed to use the syringe but she associates that with medicine so I think I may try to add some dry food to it and put it on a plate or something.
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Aw, poor little Bella! Keeping her in my thoughts to get better real soon!
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sending prayers for Bella... the only way i get the high cal stuff down them is on a "cookie"
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Sneding lots of get well vibes for Bella, I hope she feels better.
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Originally Posted by SSmith0385
Rosiemac, I am supposed to use the syringe but she associates that with medicine so I think I may try to add some dry food to it and put it on a plate or something.
I had to use the syringe on Sophie when she had a tummy bug.

It was a tiny amount that i had to give her but it would end up all over her face!, and she wouldn't eat her food because she could smell it

I used to kneel behind her and gently take hold of her bottom jaw to open it slightly where i quickly pressed the syringe and it worked a dream!!.

I always had a treat at my side for afterwards though
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Sending lots and lots of get well vibes to Bella!
My vet once prescribed a jelly like vitamin supplement. He said to dab it on the cats' paws and let them lick it. I don't know if your calorie supplement is the same thing but this way of giving it worked for me.
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Thanks Rosiemac, its a great idea. Unfortunately, Bella wont stand still for all that! We have to wrap her in a towel and hold on for dear life (2 of us) just to get her to take half a pill! I'm always afraid she's going to be hurt from us gripping her like that but the vet said that the only way to get her to take it was to hold her still and stick it in her mouth and then hold her mouth shut. Feels abusive By the time she gets better shes going to hate me! I always heard cats hold grudges...
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Good vibes and prayers to Bella! I can't believe that your vet said that! You should not have to be this worried! URI's just take time...but make sure that she's still eating. Try and give her something really yummy while she's feeling sick. I have only seen a very young kitten die from a URI that was left untreated for several had been several weeks since the kitten had anything to eat. This is definately not like your Bella. She'll pull through! Keep us updated.
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Oh, I didn't realize she was so sick! Praying that she gets well soon
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I'm so sorry you and your precious baby are experiencing this, Stacy. I'll definately be praying for her. Please feel better very soon, Baby Bella!
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Thanks for all of your well wishes Bella is not drooling anymore like she was and is only sneezing occasionally. She is eating some, and drinking LOTS (emptying the waterbowl!) Giving her the medicine is an ordeal twice a day and I'm hoping that when this is all over she'll still love me (we didn't have a chance to really bond before she started on the meds) I will keep everyone updated
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She will still love you ... good luck and Bella get well soon
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Sending heaps of vibes to Bella from NZ!
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I'm glad Bella is feeling a bit better She is so pretty
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Awww Stacy don't worry she will still love you!

Try and give her a treat straight after the medication because she'll realise that once she has to have the pill theres something lovely to eat afterwards
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