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To KTLynn, Gargoyle and anyone else who helped me w/ my feral

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I have not posted in quite a while, but I did want to let everyone who had given me advice on my feral kitten problem know the outcome. To summarize, I had trapped a feral kitten and her mom and had them spayed, shots, tested etc. The mom was too feral for me to keep so I released her, but I set the kitten up in an extra bedroom for a week and planned to keep her and take her with me when we moved in the middle of Feb. This made my 7 yr old cat become an emotional basket case. He stopped eating and I had to release the kitten again since no one would take her and I could not find anyone to care for her after we moved. That is pretty much where I left the story. Well, I ended up taking my own cat to the vet several times for subcutaneous fluids since he was throwing up and not eating. One of those times, the vet suggested a woman who ran a small cat haven may take the feral, so I contacted her and she said she would. The night before we moved, I was able to catch the 10 mo old feral kitten again (it was easy since she basically came into my house to eat and I was able to corner her). I took the cat to the haven about 2 weeks ago, and yesterday the woman emailed me saying the feral kitten had been adopted out already to a nice couple. I am so happy for her!! The bad news is that my own cat is still not eating. The move has only made him worse and I am now syringe feeding him. We moved to a townhouse and he no longer has nice scenery to look at out the windows. He wanders around lost, bored and confused most of the time. I feel so bad for him and fear he is not going to make it.

I have added a link to the feral kittens posting on petfinder.com. She is such a cutie. I am not surprised she got adopted so fast. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with this situation.


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Mary, glad to hear the little feral has found a home. That was fast, I guess the good life really appealed to her

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty still having problems. I hope he comes around for you very soon!
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What wonderful news Mary. I'm so happy that you could close this chapter happily and your little feral kitten is set for a cosy, happy life.

Good luck with your own kitty - I hope he adjusts to the move soon and starts to eat on his own again - it must be a very worrying time
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Mary, it's so good to hear from you! I don't know how I missed this thread... I wasn't on TCS for a few weeks due to illness... somehow I just didn't see it.

I have thought about you and your situation so many times since you posted that you had to release the kitten. The outcome for her is way better than I had imagined!!! I'm SO happy for her and you too, since I know it was agonizing for you to release her before you moved. I hope the mom cat is ok - any news on her?

Regarding your own cat, I'm assuming you had bloodwork done - what were the results? I'm very sorry to hear he's still not doing well. A second opinion may be warranted if the vet can't put his finger on what's wrong. Your cat hasn't been eating well for a while now, so it would be a good idea to take him to a feline internal medicine specialist.

Since your kitty is bored, what about buying a small bird feeder that can be attached to your window, and give him a perch to watch the activity from. There are also some great videos available just for cats which show birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. I have one of these and on wintry days when the real thing isn't around for my cats to watch, I'll pop in the video. They love it! You probably do this already, but when you're not home, leave a radio on playing soft music, or the TV on a nature channel.

Mary, I hope your cat starts improving soon. Being ill is bad enough, but combined with the stress of moving, it's no wonder he's having a difficult time adjusting to the new house.

Please post again soon and let us know how he's doing.
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