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I just recently joined the forum and was looking for some advice. A week ago I trapped a cat that had been appearing on my deck. He was badly injured and I knew he needed medical attention or he would have died! It looked as though he was attacked by another animal. With the help of a very nice woman from an animal rescue team, he was taken to the vet and nutered, his wounds were cleaned up, he was given his shots, treated for fleas, along with other various things (the wounds on his head caused an absess in his eye, it is sunken in and he can not see out of it) He came to stay with me last week. I keep him in a cage in another room away from my cat. The first time he came out of the cage he was very scared hid in the corners and tried to jump straight up the wall. Over the last week he has become very loveable. He comes out of the cage on his own to eat and is very calm and can never get enough love. He constantly wants me to pet him and rub his belly. When I leave the room he cries a little and then eventually stops. He still is scared of loud noises and at times looks very frightened when he hears noises. All in all he is adjusting well. The problem is that I am moving next week and my roomate has a dog. I don't know how he will react to the dog Any help or suggestions would be appreciated Thank you for reading I look forward to hearing some of your oppinions.
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I think I have been making progress with Tyson. He comes out of his cage and rubs against me wants me to pet him and somtimes doesn't want to go back in the cage. He looks around the room a lot when he's out of the cage and looks straight up the walls. I am afraid that he will try to jump straight the wall again That was pretty scary!!!

His eye looks really though, it is now starting to get all gooey and it runs a lot..... I am going to try and take him to the vet on Saturday. Some days I feel good and think he'll be OK but other days I think I am not doing a good job!
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it'll take time for Tyson to adjust. your doing a wonderful job. do you know how your room mates dog has been with cats in the past?

have you tried buying feliway to calm Tyson a little?
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Hi Negs,
Thanks for saving the poor kitty! I saved a kitten last week that was hanging on a wire fence during a snowstorm. Currently she is isolated in a spare room where she's doing quite well now, she's becoming move loveable and less afraid. As far as the dog issue is concerned it really depends on the dog. I have two dogs and 4 cats, actually 5 now, and they've always been accustomed to having cats around, but whenever we introduce a new one we do it very gradually keeping a eye out on the dogs to see how they react. We also make sure that the new cat is put somewhere where they have access to the litterboxes and food/water and a place to feel safe where the dogs can't have access to them. Our laundry which is quite large holds their litter/food/water and the door has a small cat door installed at the bottom to keep the dogs from getting in and eating the cat food. This is excellent place where we put any new kitten, that way they can come out and meet the dogs at their leisure and the dogs can see the newbie. Once the new kitten becomes accustomed to the whole gang they come and go to laundry as they please. In your particular situation it really depends solely on the dog and whether he/she is accustomed to cats. Both our dogs were raised from 8weeks with cats around and they've learned to love and respect them. Both dogs at a very young age graduated from Kitty101, namely 4 adult cats who put them in their right away.
Good luck!
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I have not tried feliway... What is it???
My roommates dog is still young, she's not evan a year old yet. I think the dog will OK with the cat I'm more worried that the cat will feel threatned and get upset! Moving day is Monday - I think I will wait a couple days to intoduce the dog and cat. I want him to get used to his new house. He gets so excited when he is out of his cage, he wants to play and rub against me. I just hope the progress we made won't come to a stop or go backwards when I move. What does feliway do?

Whitby - - I read your story about saving that kitten. That sounds amazing. He is lucky that you guys found him when you did. I am going to be keeping him in my room upstairs for a couple days then we'll introduce him to the dog. He is going to the vet tomorrow to get his eye checked out. It looks really bad.... I hope it doesn't have to come out I can not afford surgery right now for him, being that I am moving into a new place! I guess I can only hope for the best, I feel so bad leaving him during the day. When I leave the room he cries a little and looks so sad! Thanks for all the advice. I'll keep you updated and keep me posted on your kitty... What did you name it??
Thanks Again: Jessica (Negs)
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feliway is the happy hormones from the cats cheeks and a diffuser wafts them around the room making the cat feel calmer.

have you read this article? http://www.cuhumane.org/topics/catdog.html
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ps. what sort of dog is it? some are harder to cat train than others namely terriers. the dog needs to know basic commands such as sit, stay and no before you can begin.
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I don't have any dog advise but just wanted to pass along my good wishes for you and for Tyson. He's a very lucky kitty-cat!
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English Bulldog is the breed... My roommate says that most likely she will want to play with Tyson. She is a very friendly dog but I am not sure how well she listens to commands, I know she goes to doggie school but I am not sure if she has mastered the commands yet??? What will feilway help do???
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Hi Jessica,
We called her Whitby, after the town we found her in. She's doing very well now, she's gained some weight and always insists on sitting on my lap when I go to visit with her. Last night we opened her door and she explored the other bedroom and bathroom. All the cats and dogs had a good look at her, she lying on the top step and rest at the bottom. Just a little "getting to know you session". We instructed our dogs to stay at the bottom of the steps so as not to cause to much stress to Whitby.
English Bulldog, very cool! If you introduce them slowly, and praising the dog tremenously throughout you'll find the "getting to know you" sessions will go very well.
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feliway will make the cat less stressed
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I will have to get that during the week. I am getting ready to take Tyson to the vet and hope that everything turns out OK... I hope he doesn't need surgery!!! Otherwise he is doing good. He can get very playful at night and sometimes swats at my hand. I think its a playful swat because he is still purring when he does it. He has never gotten nasty with me. No hissing or or growling.... When i found him he was beat up pretty bad so I think he's a lover not a fighter... But I will still be cautious with him. I'll give you an update on his vet trip.
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try ebay for the feliway, it can be cheaper there. good luck with Tysons vet visit. hope it all goes well.
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Things went well getting him to the vet

The doc said that hopefully he may re gain some sight in that eye, and Tyson was friendly with the doc and never got upset or angry, I think he knows we want to help him... He thinks there still may be an infection running through his body from when he was attacked so he gave me stronger antibotics for him. Tonight he doesn't seem himself but maybe its just beacuse of the new medicine that he has been given.

My next concern is moving. I keep him in a large cage and let him out for parts of the day, but he is confined to a room. When I move I am going to keep him in my room but its hard to keep him in the cage because he doesn't want to go back in it. And then when I open the door to the bedroom he wants out!!! I don't know what to do about the dog and cat getting along OK....... I really hope they don't try to hurt each other
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Now I really need advice. I just moved yesterday and Tyson seems scared and I am scared with the dog. The dog is a puppy and very active!!! What am i going to do with Tyson to make him feel comfortable with the dog????

He is in his cage in my bedroom.
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Tyson has been traumatized and had just gotten started on getting used to his new home. Now he has moved and that can be VERY stressful on ANY cat! Keep him in your bedroom and let him get used to that first. Have you gotten any Feliway yet? That would be a good idea if you haven't yet.

I really think the main thing is to let him calm a bit before the intros begin with the puppy, after that, I really do not want to give you any advice as I am not by any means an expert in that area.

I realize you would like to figure this out right away, I would too
Someone will come along soon that can help you in that area who has experience plus general knowledge so please keep checking back!

What you are doing for this boy is wonderful! Please don't be discouraged in any way, everything takes time
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Hi Negs,

Tyson has had to go through a lot of changes in a very short time. You need to take it slow with him, introducing any more changes into his life. Cat's love routine and so try not and change things on him right now. Let him go in the cage if he wants to, but leave the cage door open. Block off the room with baby gates, putting them vertically in the doorway, or stacking them on top of each other horizontally. What works best is a heavy screen door but that doesn't afford you much privacy then.

You are fortunate in the breed of the dog. Unless the owner is abusive to the bulldog, he should get along well with other pets. My concern would be that in his exuberance he might hurt the cat by accident. Stepping on Tyson, or bumping him.

Expect Tyson to be scared of the dog, and do a lot of hiding. Dogs and cats are by nature predator and prey. The dog should be obedience trained and loyal to the owner. But the problem is they are stubborn and not easy to train. I would keep Tyson and the dog away from each other for a little while at least, until Tyson is used to the new place and all the smells. He will be more timid than most because he can only see out of one eye. So just be patient with him-
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I just bought the Feliway on-line! It is a lot cheaper than buying it in the store.

Thanks for the advice. He is still in my bedroom and will be in there for awhile. I thyink he smells the dog on me because sometimes he really sniffs me and gives me a funny look. I am going to try and get him used to the dogs scent by putting something in the room that has the dogs scent on it.

The bulldog is very loved by her Mom! She can be a little crazy at times and that's what worries me. But, I guess I have to take it real slow and see how things go. Fiona (the bulldog) loves other animals and will want to play and that worries me that Tyson could be hurt. Fiona's owner has tried to train her but she is very stubborn and is hard to train I guess that is a trait of the breed. Thanks for all the adive and I will keep updating how he is doing
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Thanks for the latest update, and all the best!
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Hugs to Tyson and you! Love and patience and a place for the kitty to know it will be safe! good luck
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I took down Tyson's cage today and he has not come out from under the bed.... But that is not something new! He hides under the bed for most of day then when I'm ready to go to sleep he comes out and wants to play. Maybe in another week or so I will introduce him to the rest of the house. Just hope that goes OK!

He is going to the vet again over the weekend, I can not give him his anitbiotic in his eye, he runs away and doesn't come back!!! SO I am worried that his eye is not getting better or that it will never get better.... I hope it's getting better.
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Oh Yeah! I got that Feliway stuff and it seems to do nothing for him.....
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Tyson is still hiding under the bed a lot and sometimes when I go to pet him he runs away. I would have thought that he would be used to me by now but sometimes he acts like he doesn't evan know me.

He seems very interested in exploring the rest of the house but I don't know if that's a good idea yet. He may hide somewhere and it could take forever to find him. I am not sure how long I should wait before letting him explore the house.

He scratches on the floor a lot. I got a scratching post for him and a comfy bed but doens't seem to want anything to do with them. How can I get him to scratch on the post and not the carpet???? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Some cats take ages to want to scratch on a post. Try either the cardboard 'mats' you can buy in Petco, or I use rough plaited sisal door mats, the kind you put on a step outside. I have one in each room, and hte cats have not touched the carpets since!
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Thanks, I'll try that!!!

Well, I tried to take Tyson to the vet today but he wasn't in the mood. He back kicked and slithered right out of my hands... Then I tried to put a towel over him (which I thought sounded cruel) but that didn't work either he just ran away!!! I can not pick him up and now afraid to come near me. Probably fearing that I will throw another towel over him

I hope he starts to warm up soon!!! I know it may take time and I am willing to wait but I'm not used to having a cat who doesn't want tons of love and affection and to be held........
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I think I am making progress with Tyson, he trusts me more and wants me to pet him more. Sometimes I feel bad when I have to leave for work and he is meowing for me to pet him.

I am still nervous about introducing Tyson to the dog because she is still a puppy and can act crazy sometimes. Does anyone have any advice. I would like for Tyson to be able to roam about the house as he wishes and not be locked up in my room. I think he also wants to get out of my bedroom.....

He has also been getting bad hairballs lately. Does anyone have any advice on a good product to get rid of them I have been using that stuff that comes in a tube.

I really appreciate the advice I get on this forum and I love to read other stories Thanks
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hows everything going with Tyson?
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Tyson is doing much better...........

He is really starting to trust me now. He has been venturing downstairs latley and hanging out. He loves to play with all his toys. 2 weeks ago I found out he had worms I gave him the medicine and he seems to be getting better. He has an appointment next week with a vet for his eye. I really hope there is somthing that they can do fot his eye. All in all he is doing GREAT....... And special thanks to everyone who helped me and gave me answers to my questions, support, and truly cared. It is important to know that people are willing to help and you all really helped.

He still won't really let me pick him up, so that makes getting him to the vet hard, but I am hoping with time he will know that I would never do anything to harm him. I am going to try and get some pictures soon......

Thanks Again, I will continue with the updates.....
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Hope Tyson continues to do well!
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These updates are sounding good. Can't wait to see pics!
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