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Planning a birthday?

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Okay guys,
Next week is a very special event because
Bf will turn 21!
We plan to have a small gathering for his birthday at our house,
But i would like some help.
Bf already thinks im crazy for getting balloons, but i want to be extra special an make him a wonderful cake.
Anyone can give me a nice easy recipe?
Any ideas for party food?
there will be kids here also and grandparents.
Here is my list.
and a cake.
The list seems a bit short for me
so anyone can suggest what else to put on the platter?
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Dips are always good with chips. My mom throws a lot of parties and has wayyy too much food. Some of my favorite things that she always has though are: nachos, seven layer nacho dip, chicken fingers, veggie tray, veggie dip, fruit tray, melted chocolate dip, little sandwiches (usually made by the local grocer), hmmmm...I can't think of any more off of the top of my head. Those are just some of the things I like to eat at get togethers. Makes for a nice buffet style party. Good luck to ya.
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do you have a slow cooker?? if so, I have a fantastic recipe for a dip w/hamburger, chili, refried beans, cheese...all kinds of great stuff...I make it all the time and everyone LOVES it and it is super easy--so if that sounds like something that would be good let me know and I will either post the recipe or PM it to you

also, equal parts marshmellow fluff and cream cheese make a delicious fruit dip:-) mmmmmmmmmmm

what kinds of cake does your bf like? maybe you could make cupcakes of different kinds? I did that one time when I had a lot of kids coming and no one could agree, so I had yellow cake with choc. icing, choc. cake w/strawberry icing, etc. and then I just put a bunch of stuff out to decorate the cupcakes with and let the kids have at it, and they had a blast and everyone had a good time
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Hey Fwan! I hope the party goes well! For easy cake and party food recipes, check this website out: www.allrecipes.com Membership is free and this is a very useful site.
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Nope ideas Fwan but A lot, a lot, a lot of hungry, can we go to eat???? .......
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lol sure rigel!
everyone on this board is invited!!
Thanx for the ideas guys!
bf just changed his mind and doesnt want a gathering but he still wants a cake!
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That's a shame, Fran, after your planning! Is he sure he doesn't want a gathering? You know what men can be like?!!

Maybe you could cook a dinner just for the two of you and have candles and the works?!! Worth a thought!
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Maybe he's just saying he doesn't want one but he really does?!

Anyway I hope the party goes well, are you cooking the cake?
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