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Name: Pitufo
Age: 2
Color: Black and White
Eyes: Yellow
Personality: Playful, nice and sweet.
Favorite Place: On top of the Cable box
Favorite Toy: Straws, strings and q-tips
Favorite Game: Running around the house with my mommy.
Favorite Memory: Spending time with my mommy, bathing her and sleeping together. I love my mommy.
Best Friends: My (real) Mom
Strangest Place to Relieve Myself: Litter Box, the floor what's the difference?!?!
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Name: Patchescat aka Miss Kitty thats what my bloggy says
Age: 8 years old
Color: Black with a patch of white on my upper middle half(chest area) patches of white on my paws too.
Eyes: Blue... I like to give my bean "the eye"
Personality: Being an 8 year old Diva in Training..
Favorite Place: on top of the kitchen cabinets... Drives my bean crazy when I jump from the fridge to the top of the cabinet
Favorite Toys: too old for toys... So I give them to the other gurl kitty Tiger.
Favorite memory: When I first met my bean and her ex-roomie had a doggie named Toto.
Best Friends- my bean auntie, the other gurl kitty Tiger, my bean, the bean that helps my auntie with her bills and stuff.
Strangest Place to Relieve Myself:in my bean aunties closet... But I wee wee in the litterbox now
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Name: Tigerkitty
Age: 6 years old
Color: I am a tuxedo kitty
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Playful, putting the bitey on my bean auntie... Love miceys
Favorite Place: Under covers or under the bed( I love to hide)
Favorite Toys: miceys, catnip miceys,
Favorite Memory: When I first came to my bean and my auntie bean and saw Patches
Best Friends: Patches, both of my beans
Strangest Place to Relieve Myself: The litterbox of course!!
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socks...well, it seems im the only naught cat on where i choose to do my business , though most of the time i do go outside, now and again i have my moments
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Name: Franz AKA Frazala (my Yiddish name)
AGE: About 9, give or take.
COLOUR: Black and White, Maine Coon Mix, Mom says I look like a baby grand piano
EYES: Green, nicer than my mom's green eyes.
PERSONALITY: Okay, your'e getting personal here. Basically I'm a whimp, but I love to cuddle with my mom at night, right next to her chest. Who wouldn't her chest is like an Orthopedic pillow and there's plenty to cuddle with.
FAVORITE PLACE: I told ya, Moms bazzooms!
FAVORITE TOY: The laser pointer, though I've figured that thing out, I play along like I haven't!
FAVORITE GAME: Staring a mom while she's sleeping in the morning, I WANT TO EAT...and I can't open that can by myself, boy and they say cats sleep a lot.
FAVORITE MEMORY: my last meal.
My Life's Goal: My next meal.
BEST FRIEND: Maddie, my sister, even if she's a pain now and then..oh yeah moms chest, both of them. I can't help it I'm a man.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: Let's not go there, okay. You've just insulted me, I know what the litterbox is for...jeez you humans need to get a little class!
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Originally Posted by
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF:[/b] Let's not go there, okay. You've just insulted me, I know what the litterbox is for...jeez you humans need to get a little class!
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NAME: Tucker
AGE: 4 1/2 years
COLOUR: black with tuxedo white markings
EYES: a beautiful metallic khaki green that glends into an emerald green around the pupil.
PERSONALITY: A sweet little Momma's boy, something of a cowardly lion, but a well-mannered, talkative little gentleman. A gentle heart.
FAVORITE PLACE: Near the window.
FAVORITE TOY: The feathers on a stick
FAVORITE GAME: Running from Mom when she wants a hug & a kiss, playing hard to get!
FAVORITE MEMORY: That first "hello" meow to Mom.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: Peed in the bathtub once, & pooped on the floor, probably because there was something next to the "litterbox room" door that was too scary! (like a vacuum cleaner)
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Name: Madeline, AKA Maddie, Little Girl. Little Girl, how original huh?
AGE: One and one half years
COLOUR: Your basic grayish-brown tabby, with a mackeral pattern
EYES: I only have one, it's a cloudy blue, I look like I'm giving you a continual wink. But believe me I don't miss a trick.
PERSONALITY: Sonnets have been written about my bubbly personality. Unlike my wimpy brother Franz, I ain't scared of nothin'. I've got New York street smarts!
FAVORITE PLACE: My wicker basket house, sometimes a girl has to get away and reflect.
FAVORITE TOY: I'm a low maintainence gal, those cheapie fur mice that rattle, Woo Hoo, can't get enough of em.
FAVORITE GAME: Annoying Franz, he's a pitifully easy mark.
FAVORITE MEMORY: When I hid behind the shower curtain one night and Mom looked for me for a half hour, Hee Hee, sometimes Mom can be a little dense.
My Life's Goal: To learn how to open cans.
BEST FRIEND: Besides Franz? Me, myself and I, Mom says there is nothing wrong with my ego. That's good, cause mom can't afford to spend anymore on therapy than she already does.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: I hate to admit this, but my cat carrier on the day mom adopted me. Mom didn't mind, she's cleaned lots of poop before. I guess I was a little scared that first day...shhh, don't tell anyone, it will ruin my image!
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NAME: Mini
AGE: 18 months
COLOUR: Black with tuxedo white markings. Very sort-haired & slippery.
EYES: gold
PERSONALITY: Aloof one moment, a shameless flirt the next. Very curious, vigilant, & bossy. She decides when affection is given!
FAVORITE PLACE: Near to whatever it is that Mom is doing.
FAVORITE TOY: The laser light!!
FAVORITE GAME: Helping Mom around the house, especially making the bed.
FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to work with Mom every day.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: So far, it hasn't been any stranger than the litterbox, except for a few kitten accidents!
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AGE 12
COLOR Brown tabby
EYES Green
PERSONALITY I'm a very affecionate little boy with my mom and pop. I love to cuddle and I love to purr and I love food!! I'm not too friendly with company, I don't hide but I don't like anyone else to touch me, but they can give me food. I'm very demanding when I want something and will really let my mommy and daddy know, especially if they don't acknowlege me.
FAVORITE PLACE at the food dish! I also love the couch and laying on my people's clothes and the bed too.
FAVORITE TOY Cat Charmer and those little catnip toys aren't too bad either
FAVORITE GAME when mom tries to pick me up and I run real fast to the food dish. Sometimes mom will say "I'm gonna get you" and I take off running
FAVORITE MEMORY probably when mom rescued me and my sister
BEST FRIEND Mom, and pop when he gives me food
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF in my litterbox, sometimes I might drop a poop on way running out of the bathroom
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NAME: Charcoal
AGE:Almost 5 months
EYES: Green
PERSONALITY: Rough, sometimes moody and viscious Playful and friendly but only to my meowmy!
FAVORITE PLACE: Mommy's head when she sleeps at night
FAVORITE TOY: Mice that shake! I tear them up!!
FAVORITE GAME: Sneak attack, I wait for someone to walk by and I run out and pounce on their feet!
FAVORITE MEMORY: Being brought home to Mommy, dad, and the wierd rabbit we share a house with
BEST FRIEND: Appart from meowmy, It would have to be the wierd rabbit. His ears are my toy I am waiting for another feline companion to have fun with. Mommy and dad are thinking about it.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: In my box without the lid on while mommy cleans it.
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NAME:Chloe. They also call me Naughty Girl sometimes, but I pretend not to hear them.
AGE: 3.5 months
COLOUR: Black, gray, brown, orange, and white
EYES: Yellow
PERSONALITY: A bit whiney (so I can get what I want), tendency to be skiddish, but overall pretty lovey.
FAVORITE PLACE: Top of the cat tree, on Mama's computer chair, in a lap, underfoot.
FAVORITE TOY: Fur mouse!
FAVORITE GAME: Running around the house at top speed; attacking anything that moves.
FAVORITE MEMORY: Realizing that I run the house! It is my palace.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: Just the litterbox for me, thanks.
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NAME: Miagi aka baby kitters
AGE: Around 1.5-2 years

COLOUR: tabby

EYES: Green

PERSONALITY: very laid back but shy around strangers.
FAVOURITE PLACE: sleeping in the dirty laundry

FAVOURITE TOY: his mouse toy with a bell

FAVOURITE GAME: chasing imaginary bugs

FAVOURITE MEMORY: sleeping with his paw over his face

I will post about Tiger once we get to know him better
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AGE: 9 years (I will be 10 on 5/1)

COLOUR:Red, White and Black

EYES: Yellow

PERSONALITY: I'm very talkative, active, and curious. I like to investigate anything that comes in my house. I also have an attitude. My doctor says I'm really sweet when I'm not trying to kill them. I'm really a cuddly kitty when I want to be, just ask my Mom.

FAVOURITE PLACE: I love it when my Mom lets me go outside and explore the yard (supervised of course). I also like to visit my grandparents and great-grandparents. I make my Mom take me to visit everyday.

FAVOURITE TOY: I like anything I'm not supposed to have. I'm also the official inspector of any and all purses that come into my house. I must remove all cough drops and hard candies and confiscate (sp) them.

FAVOURITE GAME: I like to play what my Mom calls "get the kitty". I run up to my Mom, while growling, and get under her feet until she notices me then run away. I do this until she chases me around but she has to stomp her feet and growl at me or I'm not happy.

FAVOURITE MEMORY: I guess it would be seeing my Mom for the first time or when she came to get me from the hospital. When I was a baby I had to spend a week at the hospital because I had a really bad respiratory infection and almost died. I was already sick when she brought me home from the SPCA.

FAVOURITE FRIEND: I guess it would have to be Patsy. I told my Mom I was very happy to be the only kitty but she didn't listen.

STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: I've always used my litterbox. I refuse to go potty anywhere else even if I have to hold it all day.
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NAME: Patsy

AGE: 9 years old

COLOUR:Black and White

EYES: Yellowish green

PERSONALITY: I'm very sweet and loving. I love to give my Mom kisses. I'm also very protective of my food dish. It has to be full all the time or I get very upset.

FAVOURITE PLACE: I love to cuddle on my bed with my Mom, although if you ask mom she will tell you it's her bed. I have to be under the blanket with my head on the pillow right by by Mom. If I have to get up to get a midnight snack I have to wake up Mom so she can lift up the blanket so I can crawl back under when I'm full.

FAVOURITE TOY: I like a toy called curly Q's. They are just colored pieces of plastic that are in a spiral. I will chase them all over the house until I lose them.

FAVOURITE GAME: I like it when Mom gets out the wand toys and plays with me.

FAVOURITE MEMORY: It would have to be when I reached my paw out from my cage at the rescue group and grabbed my Moms hand and wouldn't let go until she took me home. I had to stay with a foster mom from the rescue group until I found my fur-ever home because some not very nice people abused me then left me in a pet store.

FAVOURITE FRIEND: I would say it would be Princess but she only likes to wrestle with me. I would love to cuddle with her but Princess wants no part of it.

STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: I've always used my litterbox.
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NAME: Registered Name is Shaharems Tonka of Old Style, but everyone just calls me Tonka. You can too. *blink blink wif boo-eyes*
AGE:Almost 2 years old now - my where DOES the time go???
COLOUR: I am a strapping big Blue Point Siamese Dorky Boy Stud Cat and dang proud of it!
EYES: Oh My Gosh Blue
PERSONALITY: With my Momma, I am a total and complete mushbucket. Why, I just about turn myself inside out to get chin scritches and belly rubs. With my Dad, I am a fierce and stealthy hunter, always able to capture the evil feather wand wherever it may attempt to hide. With strangers, I am a mean, hissy, puffed-up ball-o'claws built for shredding flesh. I protect my Momma and Dad loyally so Stay away from them AND me. I mean it.
FAVORITE PLACE: The large fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. I tell you, I can squeeze my big body right into that bowl and everything just has to think I am a big old fruitcake. *toothy Siamese grin with slanty eyes*
FAVORITE TOY: My feather wand, which is known in my house as "Tonka's Feffers" Unless you are ready to play, don't touch it or I'll hiss at you.
FAVORITE GAME: After chasing the Feffers around a while, I like to walk around the living room proudly carrying my kill in my mouth. I like to drop it at Mom's or Dad's feet and when they bend down to try and grab it, I snatch it back up and run off with it.
FAVORITE MEMORY: As a stud boy, it was my proudest moment to have fathered 5 of the most beautiful babies ever seen this past October. Mom says I did my job with style, grace and aplomb.
BEST FRIEND: After Mom, my best friend is my wife, Lexus, a sleek little Seal Point Siamese babe with the cutest little brown butt ever.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: I hose my house down like it is on fire wherever and whenever I want to. Mom got a little irked at that so now when I am out, I wear these pansy little pants with hearts on them. *mournful rowl* I look like such a girlie-man!
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NAME: Registered Name is Reprise Lexus of Old Style, but Mom calls me Lima Bean.
AGE: A lady doesn't tell her age.
COLOUR: I am a slinky, petite and dainty Seal Point Siamese girlie-girl.
EYES: Blue Blue Blue!
PERSONALITY: I love everyone. I love the UPS man, I love the guys that come pick up the trash, I love the robbers that come into the house to steal us blind ... did I mention that I love everyone?????
FAVORITE PLACE: On top of Dad's dual monitor array.
FAVORITE TOY: One of those sticky gift bows.
FAVORITE GAME: Fetch the sticky gift bow, get someone, maybe the robbers who come into the house to steal us blind, to throw it for me so I can bring it back to them over and over and over and over and over and .... you get the idea.
FAVORITE MEMORY: Delivering my first litter of babies right into the palms of my Momma's waiting hands. I love being a mother and I am good at it.
BEST FRIEND: Definately my Dad. I am a Daddy's girl. I wait patiently ALL DAY LONG for Dad to come home just so he can throw my bow for me. He throws it like he stole it and I have to run real fast and far to catch it and bring it back so he can throw it over and over and over and over and over and .... you get the idea.
STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: Why, I NEVER talk about such delicate matters in mixed company!!!
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Name: Music, but sometimes they call me "Pestaroni" for some reason...something about a pasta noodle shaped like a cat
Age: vet's guess--11 1/2 months
Colour: Lynx point siamese
Eyes: big cornflower blue....
Personality: see above "Pestaroni"...i am inconceivably cute, extremely playful (i also do exercises alongside mom), supervisory, climb-all-over-your-head-for-attention, and i can do me some serious talkin' (in English)
Favorite place: on top of the waterjug/lunchcooler tower or refridgerator in the kitchen, so i can be nice and high, supervise all foodmaking that is going on, be in the center of everything so you must pass right by me, and, i can hiss at Charlie from a safe yet ferocious angle
Favorite toy: a nut i can scoot and chase around the kitchen floor, and the doorcurtain to lurk in the folds of--i know there is something in there, and i'm gonna jump up and get it someday
Favorite game: well i like the above more probably but i also really like to attack the toy on the rope they hung for me from the center of the livingroom ceiling down to the floor--i get a good run going by preparing with my master buttwiggle
Favorite memory: when i sauntered in and first snuggled with mom and dad in the bed, i esp like exploring under the blankets..i don't get to go in that room often because it's charlie's
Best friend: mommy and daddy and whoever else from before i hold secret in my heart
Strangest place to relieve myself: oh that's easy, you poor kitties always using the litterbox--take it from me--the best way to get some attention is to pee right in the middle of mommy and daddy's great big bed, on their brand spanking new blankets and sheets, and better yet, do it three times!! they'll never ignore you again!!!
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NAME: Hamtaro. But mommy & the smaller human call me "Hammie", "Hamhead", "Ham Sandwich", and the most common name my humans call me is, "Monster". Not sure why because I am an angel. Really.

AGE: I'm turning 3 this MAY! I look and act a whole lot younger though because I am just so-cool. Mommy calls me 'the baby' because apparently my brothers and sisters are old farts.

COLOR: I've got these awesome orange and white stripes. The stripes help me to run faster through the house. Or that is what mommy tells people.

EYES: Green and as big around as saucers; except for when I'm staring at my mommy because I love it when she waits on me hand and foot, so I do that half-closed-eye stare at her.

PERSONALITY: Well I think I have the best personality, because I greet mom and the little human at the door every single night! I sleep with mommy and keep her warm! I also make the humans laugh a whole lot just by being 'me'. Oh and the other cats really like me, too, so I'm way popular.

FAVORITE PLACE: Wherever my mommy is. Seriously. I tried to follow her out the door to work this morning but she said that LOVE word to me again and just left me.

FAVORITE TOY: Mice. The kind that I can chew the tails off of and drown. Then I lose them in closets and stuff and mom always laughs when she finds 10 or so in one spot. I did that on purpose.

FAVORITE GAME: Running from the front door to the back patio door in 2.3 seconds while growling loudly and then I jump in one giant leap onto my cat tree! I try to beat my record every time and well the humans laugh, so that means it's a game, right?

FAVORITE MEMORY: The first time I saw Mommy and the little human she always has with her. I rolled around and was this loving little kitten because I was in a foster home and I really wanted a 'real' home. So I poured on the charm and mommy fell in love with me and took me home! The best part about this memory is I fell in love with mommy, too, and I have 5 brothers and sisters at my home!

BEST FRIEND: His name is Zorro. He's big, fat, slow, has a black mask on his face (I think it makes him look mysterious). We sleep together all the time, he doesn't mind it when I attack him and stuff. Oh and whenever *HE* eats, *I* eat.

STRANGEST PLACE TO RELIEVE MYSELF: Well I never, ever have accidents; I always pee and stuff in the crunchy boxes. But I do puke what mommy calls "hairballs" on the carpet and I really like to puke them in the basement where if mommy doesn't find them right away, they turn into these hard piles that mommy has to scrape off with a knife. Funny to watch.
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Name: Angel
Age: Not sure, but the vet said I'm about 1 year old
Color: Ginger on the back and white on the belly and paws
Eyes: Amber
Favorite Place: MY bedroom closet and MY queen size bed
Favorite Toy: Anything that smells of catnip
Favorite Game: Waking up Meowmy at 5 AM
Favorite Memory: Anytime I scored some catnip
Best Friend: Meowmy because she saved my life and gave me a warm, loving home
Strangest Place To Relieve Myself: Whenever I get back from the vet, I make a deposit on the floor right next to the litter box to let Meowmy know I don't like going to the vet.
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