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Ghostly question!! Wahahahhhaaaaa

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Ok, seeing as its Halloween and all, I thought Id ask a "halloweeny" question!! So here goes.....Have any of you ever had any experiences with ghosts etc? I haven't personally (thank god!) but where I used to live, there was a park down the road that had a museum type building in it....It was supposedly haunted by a ghost called The Grey Lady, - the story is that the building there used to be a hospital for injured soldiers during the war, she was a nurse there and fell in love with one of the patients, anyway the soldier died and she refused to leave the hospital (she'd gone a bit looney) so she stayed and died there too....so supposedly she still won't leave the hospital without this soldier!! I don't know how much of that is true, but I know that my best friend has seen her in the tower of the old building!! Spoookey!! Anyone else got anything like this?
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I've got one for you...

I worked at an Italian Restaurant up until a few months ago, and the place was definitely haunted. It is a very old building that used to be an old movie theatre. It was owned by a man named Mr. Goudey who used to live in an apartment above the theatre. He died in his apartment at a relatively young age. It is said that he was not pleased when the place was renovated into a restaurant, and has been causing mischeif ever since. The things I saw when I worked there have been proof enough for me!

I worked night shifts, from 5pm until usually midnight or later. Since I closed up, I was often alone in the kitchen as the other cooks left earlier when business died down. I'd often get the creepy feeling that someone was behind me and of course i never saw anyone when I'd turn around. Except once...I got that feeling and spun around in time to see something streak by and out the door, just a flash of color. There was no one around at the time.I also saw pans fly from shelves for no reason, they didn't just topple over, they'd fly across the room and hit the wall landing on the floor.

The owners little boy (age 4) was outside of the building one day with his mom, where you could see the windows to the upper floor apartment where Mr. Goudey had resided. He was staring up at one of the windows, and when his mom asked him what he was looking at he said "who's that man up there mom? He's looking at me." His mom didn't see anyone.

One night after work,after the restaurant was closed, a few friends and I decided to mess around with a ouija board. None of us really believed it would work. We put our hands on the pointer and asked to speak to Mr. Goudey. The pointer started moving as we asked questions, of course we all assumed the others were making it move. We told 'Mr. Goudey' to give us a sign that he was there. All of a sudden the front door bell, which only goes off if the door is opened and walked through, went off.The door was shut and locked. We all got a little nervous. We asked for him to do it again in exactly 5 minutes. We all watched the clock. Five minutes later, down to the exact second, the doorbell sounded again. The hairs on my neck stood up, let me tell you. My friend said "Mr. Goudey?Are you here?" Then in the silence we heard footsteps thump up the isle and stop by our table. We got scared and took our hands of the ouija board. Suddenly pans in the kitchen fell from the shelf and crashed to the floor, for no reason. I never used the ouija board there again.

The place has been renovated again since I've left, and I'm wondering how Mr. Goudey is taking this change.
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Eeeeeeeek!! Creepy!! I have to say, I would NEVER dabble with a ouija board EVER!! - you never know what you're gonna get....Scary....... thanks for creeping me out Melissa!! ha ha ha
Now Im freaked Im wondering whether I should've started this thread or not!! :laughing: (gees Im such a wimp!!)
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When I was young we had a ghost named Mabel Brown. We even got mail for her but she had never lived in our house (we were the 2nd owners). We would hear footsteps and the sounds of a rocking chair in our attic. Things would disappear & then be found in wierd locations. We enjoyed having a ghost. There was one spare bedroom in our house that was always icy cold (we checked the heating to that room - it was ok). It was always 8-10 degrees celcius colder then anywhere else in the house.
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Here is my story which I submited to some "ghost hunters" to get some feedback:

In the two story rent house I lived in with my family when I was 11-12 years old I experienced what I call two ghosts. Each of the ghosts only appeared to me individually and in their own specific location. I would be in my bedroom and get this feeling that I was being watched. Then out of the corner of my eye I would see the faint figure of a little girl of about 4 or 5 standing down the hall from my room at the top of the stairs watching me. Then I would turn my head to look directly at her and there would be nothing there. The other ghost was downstair and the situation is very similar. I would be sitting on the coach in the den and get the feeling that I was being watched and then I would see out of the corner of my eye a boy of about 8 standing in the hall that leads to the garage watching me. When I would turn my head to get a better look there wasn't anything there. I would be alone when I would see the ghosts and with both ghosts I would get this very sad feeling (I felt sad and helpless). Also, when I would walk to the dark hall where the boy would be it would be very cool - that hall was always very cool to me and I would always get goose bumps when I would be in it. That is all the ghosts would do is watch me but it always made me feel so sad!!!!!

Another incident while I was living at that house occured on the street, not at the house. One sunny day we were driving down the street and at the house on the end of the street I saw a little girl (about 5 years old) on a little training wheels bicycle in the front yard walkway. I had never really paid attention to the house before but I did on this day. Well, the next day when we drove down the street the exact same house was all boarded up and I asked my step-sister (who was 16) when was that house boarded up and she said it had always been that way.

Here is there reply to me:

As for the other experiences in that house, there are many theories that might explain it. In the emotional turbulence of prepubesence, some of us (more often girls than boys) are more open to experiencing haunting phenomena - it's easier for a spirit to communicate with a person in this state. The children may have been drawn to you if they perceived you to be another child. Many spirits are witnessed in the peripheral vision - perhaps the brain does not filter visions in that range as stringently as what it sees head-on. I know that I have witnessed very clear apparitions in my peripheral vision, and I was not mistaking a shadow or coat rack for a human form - coat racks don't walk.

As you moved into puberty, the changes in your brain and emotional state may have settled down into a pattern that made it more difficult for you to see a spirit directly. There are people who can reliably train you to tap back into that part of your brain, the trick is to find one that is legitimate.
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My sister and I were playing with an ouija board once and we started getting spooky answers. My aunt who uses a nickname and most people don't know that she uses one was given the answer that we should only ask questions using her real name, Charlotte. Then it started telling us that it was the devil and lived in hell. We both got scared and threw it down. I have never used one since.

I don't know about seeing ghosts but sometimes I have the feeling that my grandfather is in our house because when I start to talk it comes out in an Irish accent. My husband has started to talk about John Kennedy and his voice came out with that Boston accent he had. When we try to tell someone about these events somewhere else, they don't occur. I even had the Kennedy accent when I was looking at a picture of John Kennedy and a friend on his wall. I said that is a great picture of you and President Kennedy but it was with a Boston accent. I could never do that again....Strange.
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Well I've never acualy seen a gost but something very strage happend to me one time. When I was in fourth grade in library class were supost to pick a year out of a hat the write am report about something that happend in that year. The years were 1800-200. The year I randomly picked out was 1918. That was the same year my grandfather was born. The stange part was that he died the week before. It's probaly just councident. But I'm not quit sure.

:vampireL: :bat :witch:
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Wow, I love the ghost stories!!! Does it seem a little spooky to you when your cat just stares intently at some spot in the empty air? My Ebony will suddenly look at the door frame and move his head like something is coming into the room and his eyes are following it, only no one else can see it. I guess it's just a bit of dust or a tiny insect...but you never know! He likes to sit on the end of the bed looking out like he's protecting us from things that go bump in the night.

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My brother and sister-in-law recently returned from a European vacation, to include a visit in England, at the Tower of London - reputed to be haunted by numerous ghosts - to include the ghosts of two royal brothers imprisioned and killed there as children.

After visiting the Tower, my sister-in-law noticed a constant weight on her sleeve, similar to a small child pulling on your sleeve for attention. As she slept that night, she dreamt of rooms that had to be in the Tower, but were not on the tour. In the room was a young boy, who asked to come with her. She declined, and the dream ended.

The next day, she had the same pulling sensation, and that night, the same dream, but when she declined that time, the boy's flesh paled to almost pure white.

In the morning, the weight was gone, and my brother and sister-in-law boarded a plane for the continent - where they stayed in a few castles, one of which my brother was convinced was haunted - the whole place raised his hackles. But no wierd dreams for him, just a gut feeling.

Unlike an experience some years back, when he was living by himself in a rented house. Being an avid reader and gamer (as am I), as well as a night owl, my brother had a gut feeling of being watched. Being more brave (or foolish) than not, he called out "show yourself, I won't be afraid!" to the open air. Upon finishing his statement, he watched a head and shoulders begin to appear, with what promised to be more on the way - not that he stayed around to watch, as he bugged out of the house for a few hours, and moved out soon after, never staying in that particular room again.

Other stories of local legend include the bar (The Loft) that is built in what once was a small hotel, back in the 20's - murals from then still adorn the walls, hidden by the ceiling panels. Anyhow, there is one way into and out of that bar, and that way opens onto a set of stairs leading to a kitchen and a clean bathroom. One night, while cleaning up after closing, the bartenders watched a woman walk out of the ladies room (which they had just cleaned), go past them, and head down the stairs. They simply put down the brooms and left for the night. The same place has a pinball machine that plays itself, on occasion.

Anal-retentive acquaintances from high school mucked about with a Ouiji board once, and one told the spirit guide what he could go do with himself. Upon returning home (his family was out of town, so his friends were with him as witnesses), he found that the blinds which had been left all evenly closed throughout the house were all wide open, and the house had a noticeable chill (seeing breath) despite the temperature reading 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, Ouiji boards are now avoided by them.

As for myself, the closet thing I have done (aside from an overactive imagination as a child in the dark, racing for the light switch) was an accurate guess as to the cause of a large crash heard in the distance during dinner. I joked that it must have been a motorcycle crash. Not one minute later, frantic knocking at our door beheld a near-panicked woman wanting us to call an ambulance, as she'd just hit a guy on a motorcycle. Go figure.

All of the above have been related to me by participants of the incidents. Happy Halloween.
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Great thread! I love horror stories...

I have experienced the sense of someone being with me in the room and watching me several times. It was very very scary. Only recently I found the medical cause - I suffer from sleep paralysis. This means that from time to time the part of the brain that keeps you immobile while you sleep, keeps working a few minutes after the rest of your brain wakes up. It's an unpleasant sensation where you are aware of your surroundings, your eyes are open, but you are actually in a semi-sleep state. This leads to all sorts of strange hallucinations (dreams really) that feel very real. For me it's usually the dream of getting up and doind things and then finding out that I'm still asleep. Sounds weird, I know...

Very often people with sleep paralysis experience a sense of having someone in the room with them and then the brain conjures up an extremely realistic dream based on that sensation. That is one explanation for ghosts and aliens and such that "show up" when a person is just waking up.
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The only "ghost" story I know of, is one that was told to me by my father, of when my grandmother was a teenager, and she opened her closet and there was an octupus(sp??) You know, the thing that lives in the sea, with 8 legs and tentacles...in the closet...it spoke to her...it said..."I am going to kill you" and she prayed real fast, and said she rebuked it in the name of Christ, and it backed up and left. She found out later that when an octupus leaves an area, it BACKS away....never forward. She didn't even know that at the time.
Anyway that is the story I was told. I think it was a demon or something. Scary!!!!!!!!
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I believe in spirits. As far as the Ouija Board goes, I've got a story for that one.

One day while I was pregnant (about 5 months along) my stepmother and I played the Ouija Board. We asked it if my younger step sister would ever meet anyone. It said yes. It came up with the name Roy. Lynne (stepsister) didn't know of anyone by the name of Roy (thinking it was the first name it was referring to). Well, years down the road, she married a man named Mark ROY.

That same day, we asked it when my baby would be born and what sex it would be. It said I would give birth to a daughter on March 25 (Amy wasn't due till April 25th) so I just laughed it off. My daughter was born March 24th. When I told my doctor about it, he said the Ouija board gives him the creeps and he stays away from them.

Since that time, the Ouija board disappeared. We never found out where it went.

Odd but true.

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Rumor has it that the building I used to work in (which is closed now due to unsafe conditions) is haunted. This building was used by the workers that build Norris Dam in Tennessee in 1933-1936. The building has 3 levels, including the basement. I worked on the top floor. This floor always had hundreds of dead flies in the stair well and it was always hot except when, well, it was like a cold front passing through, but never lasted long. One night I was working late (it was around 10 p.m.) and was at my desk when the copier started copying by its self (needless to say I decided it was time to go home). The next day I was telling some ladies that I worked with about it and they just laughed and said I was crazy and about that time the copier started copying by its self. They stopped laughing. Around 1982 another building was built right next to this one. This building was also 3 levels, including the basement. This building also had strange happenings. There was a group that worked nights in this building and they said it was nothing for the elevator to start going up and down and there would be no one in the building except for them (so they thought).
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