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Stray Kitten In Need of help

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About a week ago me and my girlfriend came home late one night. There were 3 cats on our apt. complex porch (1 Mom 2 Kittens). Kittens were about from looks 10 weeks or maybe older. The cats were really skittish. My girlfriend put some food out and sat outside with them. They never got to close but were not afraid to get the food. Saw them off and on just roaming around and then they disapeared for a couple of days. Now today we came home and our neighbor told us that she heard a cat on our porch meowing all night lastnight. She thatught that it was our inside cat we have and opened the door to see if it somehow got outside. She then noticed it was one of the stray kittens and it was all alone. She watched it all day and it has been all alone sitting in a huge briar patch. It has been raining all day and hasn't really moved at all. It will come out for some food for a few min., then its back in the briars. It is really cold out and the possibility of snow tonight.

What should I do??

Should I try to catch it? and if so how should I go about this. I don't want to scare the cat to death, so what is the best way.

Also when it hears our cat meow at the door it seems curious and meows back.

Help Please!!
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I'll move this out to Caring for Strays & Ferals where you will get more advice.
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Put your other cat in a closed room, open the door and put a bowl of warmed canned cat food inside the doorway to see if she will come inside. But then she will freak if you try and close her in, so I wouldn't close the door, I would just let her come inside and eat and leave. If there is a space under your porch or house where you can put some warm bedding and more food, she may go in there. But first if you let her know she can trust you, she will come inside to eat, then after a few times, you shut the door in varying degrees until finally, one day you shut it all the way.
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Good advice from Mary Anne there. Poor little kitty all alone in the cold. Thank you so much for taking the time to care for her
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If you do catch it, keep it seperated from your other cat until its been checked out by a vet and you get test results back. You don't want to be passing anything on to your other cat from a stray or unsocialized feral.
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Thanks for all the help. It has warmed up some now. And we have put a box on the portch with a pillow so it can get out of the weather. Still wont let us close yet, but at least now it can get out of the elements and has food.
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cfriend81..contact a humane group or feral cat group and see if you can borrow a humane trap. I am glad to hear the weather is warming up..but am concerned that if these cats are not fixed soon..you will have more kittens in your complex.

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