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I tell them "I'll be back later" when I leave the house
I talk to them all the time
I make sure to spread out one specific throw blanket that Simon loves so that he can lay on it.
I worry about them and feel very guilty if I go on vacation and leave them
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i bought her a pet goldfish!
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Oohhh these are all so sweet!!! I don't do all these things - but I can certainly identify with the feelings you have for your kitties.

Mine get a kiss before we leave and tell them when we'll be back. They also get a greeting when we return.

They all have their special sleep spots.

I will vacate my chair and sit on the floor till my bum goes numb just so the kitties can sit on my chair.

We move the chicken run underneath the living room window so our indoor only kitty can sit and watch the chicken - the others just go and sit next to the run itself

Lily runs to her cat carrier every time we go out - so on journeys where one of us will stay in the car, we take her with us. Recently, she's visited my parents and MIL as well.
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Awwwwwww Beth thats so sweet what Lily does!

I wish Rosie would run into her carrier like that when she goes for her yearly check up at the V-E-T
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I always say bye and tell him i will be back soon.
I leave the bathroom door open so he can come in and out when ever he likes
Although he favours my bf now more than me i still try to stay sane.. lol so when he goes to my bf i ignore him for 10 mins then he will meow meow meow utill i pay attention.
I leave the bathroom light on when we leave so he can get there and back with out bumping into anything.
he gets more kisses and "i love you's" than my bf!
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Like most others, I tell the boys when I'm leaving and that I'll be back. Usually Samwise will follow me the door and flop over on his side and give me the cutest look and I just can't reisist picking him up and giving him a little lovin', Gandalf is usually eating, then I tell them I have to go to work otherwise who would buy the kitty chow?

First thing when I get home I call for them if they're not already at the door and give them lovin's then immediately feed them before I do anything else.

As long as there isn't anybody over, the bathroom door is always open so they can come and go as they please.

They have more cat toys that they know what to do with.

There are throw blankets all over the living room because they prefer to lay on a blanket rather than directly on the furniture or floor.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
When I leave for work in the morning, I say "Goodbye." However, I also inform them if I will be returning home on-time, early, or late!!
I do this every morning, too. I also sing to Ivo and buy her sliced baked ham at the deli. I always get strange looks when I order only 3 slices, and even weirder ones when I explain it's a treat for my cat!
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Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one to do I'm leaving in the morning, I kiss them all goodbye and tell them my schedule, if I'll be home at 5, or if I'm making any stops along the way. I tell Trixie she's in charge, (oldest) and for them all to be good............
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There's so many things I do for my kitties.

I tell them bye and "Mommy loves you" when I leave. And usually greet them before hubby when I come home. Little Boy usually waits at the door with a big loud hello when I walk in.

We give them water in the rinse cup in the bathroom. And they have water in a bowl, Guess they just like the cup better. Learned to set it in the sink so when they knock it over it doesnt make a mess. When I take a bath, I have to leave the door open so they can get in and out, even though that's not where their box is. I leave the linen closet door open so Arwen can hide and go to sleep on the towels and such. When I wake up and have my morning pee, I have to usually let in one furbaby or another, if not both. When I get home from work, Arwen meows at me til I follow her to the bathroom to give her water.

I do the blanket thing too, Arwen likes to lay on my fleece Tigger throw. And the cats have their own couch. It's really uncomfortable, but they love making the really overly stufted back their own lil kitty beds. Yesterday, I was sittin on the couch reading and I had put the phone book on a small pile of folded blankets on the other side of the couch. Arwen got up there and was sniffing it trying to figure out how to lay down on top of the phone book or around it. So I moved it, pet her, and said "There ya go baby girl." She gave me this look like " Thank you Mama" and laid down.

I talk to them all the time too, and they talk back. I swear they really try to talk. Arwen will tell you thank you for getting her water.

We let Little Boy drink our tea, right out of the glass. Or like what he's doing right now, drinking my water right out of the glass.

I dont leave the TV or radio on for them, but my sister-in-law did that for her cat Maddy.

I set bread on the balcony/patio rail so that it will attract the birds and the cats can watch them at the sliding glass door.

OH, OH........I catch flies for Arwen too!! My mom used to tell me I was crazy for doing it, but now I know I'm not alone!! When they get in a window or near a light, i'll catch them end hold them by the wings so Arwen can eat them. HA! HA!

If I drop something on the floor while cooking, that I think Little boy will eat, I call him in there. And when we're eating something, I'll give Little Boy a sample. Arwen just wants to know what you have , so i'll let her sniff then go back to eating. She's really picky about what she eats.

That's all I can think of right now,..... but I know there's a lot more.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
When I am away, I call to leave her messages on the answering machine.
Celebrate her Birthday complete with presents, singing, special feast, dessert, and a candle.
Spend more on Sierra for Christmas than anyone else, and each one most be perfectly wrapped.
Sierra will have an Easter basket. Similarly, we celebrate every other possible occassion.
I'll wait until I'm on my death bed to go to the Dr., but Sierra never misses an appt or check-up, and I'm ready to call the Vet. if she so much as sneezes.
First I want to say that I want to be one of your cats
Second I want to say that you and I are VERY much alike. I'll call from my cell phone to leave Angel a message too. Especially if I'm out longer than I planned on.
That is just too cute that you will be giving Sierra an Easter basket. If you don't mind, I'm doing this too now. Other than that, ditto for everything else you said.
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OK, now this one may be weird even to you members out there but here goes:

Everyday, it's actually a ritual, when I put Angel's food in his bowl I say, as I mix his food with my fingers:

"I'll add all of your favorite spices, love, attention, hugs and kisses!"
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
For my cats though, I would give up eating food to feed them!
That's the same kind of love I hope we all have for our babies
For Eponine, I leave the door to the bathroom open when I am taking an indulgent bath so that she can sit on the floor next to the tub.
Also, I have a towel heater. On cold days, I'll heat up the blanket that she likes to lay on (the tan one in my signature picture) and heat it on the towel warmer.
Finally, I try to go home during my lunch breaks sometimes to "surprise" her and spend a little extra time with her.
Oh yeah, and one time when she was sick, I took a sick day from work so that I could keep an eye on her.
But I guess none of you would find any of this stuff weird I'm in great company at TCS!
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I leave at least one afghan on the sofa for Zorro, because he digs like a dog into the blanket & sleeps on it during the day.

I have to keep the door open to the bathroom in the morning, every morning, until all three boycats are in there with me! If NOT then they dig at the bottom of the door (or, Hammie opens the door himself).

I don't go to bed at night until I do a cat-count. I have to know where each one is. I know all their spots so I check the spots. And, 5 of my 6 cats sleep with me; so, after I lay down to read, I do NOT fall asleep until I have those 5 cats with me. If I'm missing one, then I get up out of bed and go looking!!!

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Just thought of another odd thing I do for Eppie (that y'all probably won't think is odd at all!). I eat these thing called Taquitos. They're toasted tortillas that are rolled up with some kind of filling inside. My favorite (and Eponine's) are the chicken-filled ones. Well, as soon as she smells them, she comes running (the only human food she comes running for), but before I give her a piece of the chicken filling, I blow on it so that it won't be too hot for her throat. It just panicks me to think that she'll scald her tongue on a piece of chicken!
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ok, you know those bathroom rugs you can buy? kinda like bathmats only they cover the entire floor of the bathroom and you cut them so they go around the tub/toilet/etc. anyway, my mom does this in all of her bathrooms, and I always cut them for her so she doesn't hurt her back.

and I this time I cut them in such a way that left a few cabinet sized scraps...and I put these rugs (since they are washable and have rubber backing) on top of our kitchen cabinets so she will be comfortable up there Its like, a kitchen shaped cat condo
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Hey Sharon....what's in the cookie jar????
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Hey Sharon....what's in the cookie jar????
hehe..the one in the middle?? people cookies!!! (fresh baked white chocolate chunk, my hubby's favorite!!)
the one on the right?? kitty cookies!!! :-) (well, maybe not cookies, but treats nontheless!!)
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That's so cute! Saba has discovered where Sasha's treats are and keeps opening the pantry door with her paw....I think I might copy your doings.....
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I use a bathmat to put inside the pet carrier to make it soft for Angel, plus, it has a rubber backing so it stays put when he moves around trying to get out of it. Then I put a blanket on top of that to make it cozy. Then I cover the carrier with another blanket to keep him content and not scared of where he's going. top things off, I NEVER, EVER hold the pet carrier down to my side of my body. Instead I hold it up, at eye level, so that he can see me, eye to eye. Yes, this is very straining on my arm and back but I do it anyway.

Everytime I go to the vet, they tell me to "Just put it down by your side", and I tell them "I will not!"
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Elmo eats Whiskas single dinners and if he doesn't like a flavour then we will keep trying them until he is happy! This also makes Jazz a very happy dog cos she gets passed plate after plate of unwanted jellymeat!
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Pearl only likes to cuddle in one position, so I will assume the position for as long as she will cuddle with me.
I hold Fred like a baby and sing to him.
Pepper and Scooter like to run through the house like loonies, so I make sure their path is always clear. Both of them like to be held and cuddled on their terms, so I will usually stop what I am doing when they want to be held.
And....pretty much whatever else they want. They all get massages on demand, too.
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I guess the craziest thing I do is...I feed kitty with a fork. I don't know what her problem is but she has a hard time eating wet food, it just seems to get pushed around on the plate. It could be that for about the 1st 6 months that I had her I fed her Meow Mix pouches ( I now know better ) and they were chunky and she didn't have trouble eating it. I have started feeding her Wellness and it is mushy. I don't know what the problem is
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Air Boxing, I do that with them when they're on their tree..
I turn on the tub for Gibby when I go potty. ( he sits in the tub and swats the faucet)
I let them in the dryer when the clothes are warm and dry..
When I'm done with my yogurts, i let gibby stick his paw in the cups and have a little.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Air Boxing, I do that with them when they're on their tree..
How exactly is that played, may I ask? I'm sorry, I'm just getting this vision that you hold your hands up while your kitty hits the palms of your hand, as a boxer would do!

Oh wait! Or is it the other way around?
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i let Cable lick my dishes when i'm thru eating...
i scoop the litterbox in between auto-rakes 'cause she seems to go every 30 seconds! (not really, but she has to re-christen it every time it's cleaned!)
i hold Cable after putting down the wet food so Pixel can check it out first - otherwise she has trouble (Cable's pushy & a food hog!)
i always tell them bye & to be good girls
when i go on short (3-5 day) trips, i always tell them what day i'll be home
when i get take-out chicken, i share it with them
i buy them WAAAY to many toys!
i've bought 8 little kitty quilts & 2 donut beds - but they mostly sit & sleep with me!
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let them sit on my lap while i got potty

I thought I was the only one who did that!! Both of my cats want to be in the bathroom whenever I am!! So, I usually let them.

I also tuck my oldest cat in under blankets sometimes.
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Originally Posted by catlover67
:I also tuck my oldest cat in under blankets sometimes.

I ALWAYS tuck Angel in with a blanket.
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daddy hung a very attractive home-made long bouncy rope with a shiny red spangly cattoy on the end from the center of the livingroom ceiling to keep music's way attractive let me tell you!! who cares if it goes with decor!! music thinks it does. it's worth it to watch her do the buttwiggle before she attacks it. which she just did, on cue.
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