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What's your oldest household appliance?

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Our microwave, which my parents bought us while visiting in the summer of 1983, finally bit the dust today. It was extremely dependable, except on Easter - the whole time we had it, it stopped working on Easter Saturday, and resumed working on Easter Monday. That was very strange - Siemens' repairmen finally ending up stating that it was either "haunted" or "religious"!!! One guy actually came to our house 2 or 3 times on Easter Sunday to check it out, on his own time, because its "strike" really bothered him!
I did a quick review, and decided that it was definitely the appliance in our house with the longest service life. We're on our third washer, third dryer, second fridge, second range/cooker, and second dishwasher (since 1982, when we moved in here). I've lost count of vacuum cleaners. Upon reaching middle age, I decided to have one per floor, to spare my aging back and joints, but we've probably had six, three of which are currently in working order. My grandmother had the same freezer for over 30 years, and my mom's first dishwasher lasted about 20 - I don't think appliances are "built to last" anymore.
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Our microwave just got replaced too - not as long lived as yours, but it lasted a respectable 18 years. After that the fridge is 9 years old.
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what a great thread :-) this is why we love you

I will have to go with oldest appliance in my Mom's house (we just got married a few months ago so most everything we have is new) but that would definitely be a dishwasher...in fact, it doesn't stop on its own anymore, so you have to listen to when it stops running and enters the dry cycle and then run downstairs and turn it off...LOL
the running theme in the house on dishwasher nights is:
1. Hear it stop, plan to go down and wait for the dry cycle to start.
2. get a phone call/get stuck on a tv show/generally forget
3. Hear it start up again
4. Scream obscenities and run down the stairs
5. either turn it off if there isn't too much water, or let it run again, scream more obscenties
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Tricia! Your microwave was as old as my sister I am just thinking you are going to be shocked when you go shopping for a new one. All the fancy stuff they have out these days
A new one is going to heat differently, I know my mom had an old one when I lived at home and when I moved out on my own and bought a new one I had a hard time getting used to timing everything. It was much faster.
As far as my own appliances, I am in an apartment so they are fairly new. Our new house we are moving into got all new appliances a year ago.
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Of large appliances, I don't know the age of the dishwasher and garbage disposal (which we don't use) -- they belong to the house -- but they weren't new when we moved in 15 years ago. The deep freeze will be 20 later this year and still going strong. Two vacuum cleaners of approximately the same vintage don't get used much, because our cleaners bring their own.

Of small appliances, probably the little old Sunbeam hand mixer, that was one of my Christmas gifts the year I moved out on my own -- which makes it 32 years old.
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Okay, I am going to beat everyone to the punch here! Our water heater dates from 1973, and its still working like a charm!
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Our first freezer finally gave up last year - hubby bought it before we got together and it was around 33 years old. Next up is my digital alarm clock, I bought it in 1982 - it has never let me down and is still our trusty faithful. Then our fridge - we bought it in 1986 just before our daughter was born. We have a bit of a dilemma with this because a new built in one is coming with our kitchen because our little trusty isn't the standard size anymore - so what to do with it then.
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It would definitely be my washing machine. It's a Whirlpool and I bought it in 1984. I bought both the washer and dryer at the same time, but the dryer bit the dust about 4 years ago and I bought a new one then. But the washer is still going strong. I've never even had to have it repaired.
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Ours is a hand-me-down cuisinart.. 25 years old, and still operable My mom had it longer than I've been alive. Admittedly, the bowl has since been replaced, only once though- after that is the mixer a good 10 years strong
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When I moved out I took the blender my mother got when she got married as she didn't use it. She got married in 1970 so I guess that would make it 35 years old in April. It still works like a charm even if it is ugly.
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this isnt an appliance so doesnt really count:

we found a bottle of soy sauce in our cupboard that had lived with us longer than two of my siblings (it was 18 atleast)
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lol.. well we bought our washing machine off ebay and its about 10 years old. It doesnt start on A which is strong wash? i plan to buy new one though once we get our new appartment and a bigger one. this one is tiny! lol
We are going to buy a microwave soon everything else we have is new :S
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ive had to replace a few of my grandmothers appliances in the past few years

whirlpool washer = 15 years
stovetop = 12 years
rudd AC condenser = 15 years
wards fridge = 25 years

but the 20 yeard old microwave and the 1979 quasar Tv are still going strong
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I'm not about to jinx anything by trying to figure out what's the oldest!!!!
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The oldest thing I have is a Braun electric hand held mixer. It was handed down to me a few years ago. It is at least 15 years old. I use it to mix protein drinks or the occasional milkshake. I don't think it wil ever stop working. All my other appliances aren't that old.
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It has to be my washer/dryer. I have to include both, I bought them as a pair, but my washer has gotten much more use. I've dragged those damned things from Florida to California & back again! They are Kenmores, bought in 91 or so. And as long as they work, I'll keep dragging them around till they aren't worth fixing!
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That's a tough one. Probably my hot air popcorn popper which I've had since I was a teenager. . . . purchased around 1976. Also my refrigerator which came with the house. . . . and is definitely a 70's vintage. I did have a 1962 electric stove which worked well, but I sold it and got a newer one (I was afraid of the wiring on the older one). My furnace (does this count?) is also from the 70's era. My sister has a refrigerator that she still uses from the 1940's! They don't make things to last like they used to.
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my parents dragged everything in our house holds from england to italy to australia and to germany.
The washing machine died in australia but the fridge and dryer and kitchen utensils are still going strong for over 15 years!
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I'm living in a rental right now--the owner of the apartment is a much older gentleman who doesn't like to spend money. Hence, I lived with a fridge from 1976 (that would make it THREE years OLDER than me!!!).

I FINALLY got him to get me a "new" one a few months ago.

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My parents bought our first house when we were living in the Bronx in 1983... My uncle had repaired a 10 year old washing machine and gave it to them as a housewarming present... That same washing machine was still working when we sold our house in New Jersey in 2000... I wouldnt be surprised if it still worked for the people who bought it with the house!! LoL
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My oldest household appliance, huh? Hmmmmm - that would be (scroll down)

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All of our appliances are pretty new because we are redoing the kitchen and we got new washer/dryers a few years back. The oldest is probably the fridge which is like 10 years old.
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I think we have you all beat. We have my grandmother's old sewing machine from the 30s. Also, our heater is original with the house, 50s. We have a dryer from the 70s, it was my grandmother's and she preferred to hang her clothes on the line. We also have a console TV from the 70s that DH got from his family when he moved out in the early 80s. Everything else has been bought since then, the 2 newest are the freezer (2004) and the microwave (2002).
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I have grandmother's sewing machine (1940's), her counter Sunbeam mixer (probably dating from the 1950's), and my mom's Waring avocado colored blender (probably late 1960's, early 1970's). My extra fridge in the garage is 15 years old and still running strong.
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Hmmm....I have a hairdryer that is almost 20 years old, and a washer that is 16-17 years old.

Then there is the 1950's era aluminum biscuit holder that keeps them warm, that I still use
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
this isnt an appliance so doesnt really count:

we found a bottle of soy sauce in our cupboard that had lived with us longer than two of my siblings (it was 18 atleast)
LOL...I have a little jar of skin ointment that was my grandmothers, she gave it to me when I was 21 and having real issues with my hands, and as a waitress it looked a bit odd to have a bandaid on every finger. I still use the ointment today, so it's 29 years old. I know I should ditch it, but heck, it still works...pure magic ointment!
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We've been here 12 years and all the applicances were here, so they are at least that but I know the stove and fridge are old. I keep waiting for one of them to die as we decided we'd replace both when one died. So many times, I think one is dying...and it resurrects. The fridge I guess to be about 15 to 18 years at least and the stove I am guessing is from the 70's based on the phamlet that came with it. Things were definitely made sturdier back in those days. Oh yes, my toaster is old too, I'm guessing 15 years at least, probably more. I bought it at a garage sale for .50 after many new toasters falling apart. My old garage sale toaster is a wonderful toaster! We used to have an old toaster from my mother in law which lasted for years. Old toasters are definitely better.
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That's a great microwave to have lasted that long! It survived as long as I've been alive.

I'm not sure how old they are, but the appliances we have here in my apartment are REALLY old. The dishwasher breaks glasses sometimes because it rattles so much during washing. I'm just waiting and hoping that they all break on their own accord so we can get a batch of the new ones they've been putting in some of the apartments!
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Cooker from Hell. Wont cook and burns fingers
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I have a pair of general electric beaters (hand mixer) from the 70s....they were my Grandma's and they still work like a charm. I just looked it up and this particular model came out in 1978....they're older thant I am!!! It has 3 speeds: whip, mix, and stir. LOL

My grandma also still has a hair dryer that she bought my mom and uncle when they were in high school, which would have been at least since 1976. It still works. It wasn't used that much after they moved out...

strange we keep things for so long......

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