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Going gambling this weekend!

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My sisters, mother and I are going up to Niagara Falls to the new casino up there next Sunday and will be back Monday. Actually, we just want to go Monday. We're not 100% sure if we're going Sunday yet. I'm such a pathetic gambler. I play the $.25 machines....I could sit there all day! My mom calls me her little holy roller! Do you all like to gamble?
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Wow, you're a high roller compared with me. We stick with the nickel slots. I've only been to the casinos a couple times, but we had lots of fun when we went!
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Good luck Susie, bring us a couple of pic´s from there!
Put all at the black 8....
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Ok Rigel........everything I have on 8 black......
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i have never been and i dont really want to..
when i was 11 my dad took me with him and i got a glimpse of the view.
and as i just turned 18 a few months ago i havent had the chance to go there.
But my parents go to casino's nearly every weekend
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Just a couple of times a year, we'll go to one of the nicer casino's around here, enjoy a wonderful buffet and play the penny or nickel slots. I finally realized I'll have more fun if I just pick two games I like and really learn what to be looking for and found one the weekend before Valentine's Day..wheel of fortune, so much going on with this one, it is ton's of fun

Have a great time!
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Good Luck, Susie!! I havent been gambling in a few years... I went with my ex boyfriend a few years ago when went to Canada... I'm a horrible gambler... I hate to lose..
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Gambling is bad! That being said.. have fun! I hope you hit the jackpot.
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Sounds like alot of fun I hope you win BIG I like to go too but I rarely go, it gets to addictive for me
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When I went to visit my parents in AZ 3 years ago.... They took me to Las Vegas and I played a slot machine.... I won some quarters but I lost them all again!! I hope lady luck is with You susie... I will keep my paws crossed for ya.
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I'm too tight to gamble But please win big and have a ton of fun!!!
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I'm too young to gamble, don't ever want to get involved either - but have fun Susie!
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Originally Posted by captiva
I'm too tight to gamble But please win big and have a ton of fun!!!

Oh beleive me, no one is tighter with thier money than me, mostly because I don't have any! LOL I take $50, that's it. on $.25 machines, that can last you a long time.
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Susie i would be putting small amounts on as well because i'm naff at winning things!

You enjoy it!
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What fun, Susie, have a wonderful time with your Mom and sisters!Hope you make a fortune!I've never been to a casino, but it would be a nice experience! I would so much enjoy going to Niagara Falls!
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Thanks Stephanie.........I'm going mostly just to spend time with them. The last time we all went was for an overnighter last year in August for my birthday. I went with $50 to gamble with, and came home with over $350!! I was thrilled!
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Way to go, Susie, my kind of trip! All the better this time!
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Good luck! I'm counting the days until my Las Vegas vacation in May.
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Oh Amanda..good for you going to Vegas.
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