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Perfectly happy...

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A half a year ago, when I was out on my own and was first getting into the idea of getting a kitten I searched far and wide for one that fit my "look" standard(don't get mad I am explaining). I found something called an Oci cat, and put an order in for a special "color"...along the way I spent over 1,000$ on my 2 dogs, who both have had serious health issues, and continue to have costly vet bills.. not ever realizing that with their "name" and "papers" often comes diseases that incestry cause. 6 months ago I found a kitten outside, unable to properly care for a kitten, I took her to the humane society. I saw 50+ cats there, and kept telling myself..she is a kitten she will get adopted fast, unable to convince myself I loaded up and drove the 50 miles to the humane society that I dropped her off at and adopted her, Tinkerbelle came home with me, where I truely believe she belongs. Well today I recieved a call that the kitten I back ordered months ago was born, and that I am on top of a long waiting list, I was given 2 days to decide if I wanted her, and at 5 today those 2 days are up..but I have realized..In a name, oci cat, and a beautiful cat no doubt, it's just a name...Tinkerbelle may not have a paper stating her beauty, but I don't need it..she is my cat, and I am perfectly happy with that.
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How beautiful. Tinkerbelle was just waiting for you wasn't she.
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What a lovely discovery -- for both you and Tinkerbelle!!
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aww that is beautiful.
Im glad you ended up taking tink. all cats are equal and i just never see my self ordering a pure bred.
sometimes i get so mad at people for ordering a kitten that is on the other side of the country and pay so much money for them... just whats the point? when there is possibly a homeless kitten right in your street.
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Yay for you! congrats!!!!
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thats so sweet. i much prefer mutt cats, they are far more quirky than pedigrees.

Maverick is as mutty as they come, huge 'J-LO' butt, tiny pin head and a tail the size and fluffiness of a feather boa.

every day i tell her shes beautiful
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thats a lovely story, what a lucky kitten
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I think you made the right decision. Tinkerbell obviously needed you and you gave her a home. There will always be more non-purebred kitties in need of good homes and they can provide just as much love and companionship as the pure-bred variety.

Congrats to you and Tinkerbell and may you have a long and happy life together!
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What a great story. I still feel kinda bad for the ori cat though.. If you want, you can buy it, send it to me and I will love it and take care of it.. *wink*. I saw a picture of one at the vet and they look great. *grin* After all, you don't want the ori cat to feel unloved now do you?
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Before I got my Simon, I always wanted a Devon Rex. Before I could get one, a friend called and said a little black kitten had wandered into her yard. I decided to go get him. I couldn't ask for a more sweet, loving baby.

When my hubby wanted to get another kitten, I told him we had to get one from the humane society. We went and they had a bengal pure breed. Well, we looked at that little guy and he was ridiculously cute. Then my husband saw Max. He instantly fell in love with our other fur ball!
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I think you made a wise decision, they say everything happens for a reason, right? It sounds as if you have your hands full with the dogs and it wouldn't really be wise to bring in more than you can afford.

I have nothing against people who breed cats or want to own specially bred cats. We have never had a pedigreed cat, but that is only because homeless cats always seem to find their way into our home. Right now we have three kitties of our own, and two "visitors" who live in the area but like to eat at our house.

If we ever run out of kitties here (hasn't happened in 18 years) I might be tempted to get a Bengal for hubby who loves the look of that breed or a Maine Coon or Norweigan Forest Cat for myself.
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What a touching story! You and Tinkerbelle, definitly are perfectly happy together!
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That's just so sweet, Lastajia! Tinkerbelle is your perfect look, she's everything you could ever dream of in your baby! The two of you were destined to be together!
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Congratulations! I bet Tinkerbell is lovely too. Can you post a photo? Oliver and Tripod are worth more money to me than I will ever have. I bet Tinkerbell is to you too!
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