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Are your flags still flying?

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I am just curious if all of you who put up your flags when the towers were hit, are your flags still flying?
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Most definitely! I will not take mine down. As a matter of fact i also have two in my car as well as the front window of my apartment.
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A very good friend sent me a flag that flies from my car window, and I have a color photo of a flag in my window at work.
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You Betcha!
I have one flying from my balcony, 1 on my b/f's truck, and I stuck a large flag sticker that Washington Mutual bank gave away on the front door of the bar I work at. (my Chinese boss Sunny loves it, he's the greatest!)

United We Stand!
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Of corse. I think every one in the U.S. should put up flags.
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My neighbor had 3 flags flying and this morning they were all gone. I wondered about it, but left ours up. Then I just talked to her over the fence and someone stole all 3 of her flags. I thought it was rotten when someone stole one of ours, but to get hers, they had to get really creative, most of them were in the tall pine trees!
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I used to fly a flag on days like Memorial Day. Now, everyday is Memorial Day.

I fly a flag outside my house and one on my car window. I have a magnetic flag on the car and a decal on the window. My flag pins are part of my daily attire: one on my ID badge for work and one on whatever I'm wearing.

God Bless America. September 11, 2001 was a life changing event for me.
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Yep my flags are still up. I have two of them attached to the post of the front porch. And have a big red bow with two small flags in it around the oak tree in my front yard. Also have a sign!!! And red, white and blue ribbons on the car antenna(?).

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The one my daughter colored is still on the glass doors. We also recently got one from a school supply store and we'll be putting that on the front door, I think.
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Indeed, my little flag is still braving the elements! I made it out of card-stock paper and ran it through my ink-jet printer, programmed with a fold-over pattern. Then I stuck the two sides together with double-sided tape, attached it with transparent tape to a "flagpole" made out of a white metal coathanger and mounted it outside my bedroom window at about a 60-degree angle from the horizontal.

I live on a busy street, Southeast Powell Boulevard, so even though the flag is small a lot of passers-by see it. "It's cute!" (We live in a second-storey apartment, so if anyone wants to steal the flag they'll need a ladder.) With all this rain, the brave little flag is starting to run a bit; so I'll have to go get a "real" one at Elmer's Flag and Banner here in Portland. But the little paper flag has stood up nicely so far to all the rain, sun and wind!


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Mr Cat:

That is so inventive of you to think of making a flag like that. I downloaded some pictures of flags and made them big and printed them on heavy matte paper. My husband attached string at the top and placed them in our front window. It looks good and we have also started wearing T-shirts and Sweatshirts with patriotic pictures and sayings on them. We have flags on our license plates. My husband has veteran plates and a big eagle in front of a flag on the front license.

Everyone in our neighborhood has flags, pictures, or something in their yards or houses. It looks like the UN or something. Great looking, I think.
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Yes, I alway fly an American Flag. I usually have it on the side of my house and have a seasonal flag in the front. On 9/11 I switched the American Flag to the front and don't plan on ever taking it down. I also ordered a Car Flag from IWON.COM for my car and my hubbies car. We are flying them, but they are very poor quality and became tattered the first time we drove our cars. Does anyone know where to get a nice quality Car Flag?
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I ordered car flags from this company and they are holding up well. Also, my neighbor found his flags across the highway. The winds had ripped them off the tree limbs. We have had some bad storms. He only found 2 flags though, the other is still missing

Car Flag
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Thanks for the Car Flag Site. They sound like a much better quality than the ones we have. I will place my order today!

Thanks again!
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