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Anyone know any information for this?

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I have been experiencing an awful lot of pain lately in my hands... mostly in the right hand.... a very sharp pain with the wrists and fingers.

Its almost like if I was losing dexterity in the hand also, it is downright painful to grab small objects, which is starting to impossibilitate my handwriting in large quantities (This has been for a while which I didn't mind as I would just write my school stuff in the PC but its only recently that its become downright pain).

I have also been trying to ignore the pain that is in the past weeks coming to me when using the computer, like the pain I am having right now, but its becoming unbearable. At this point most movements of my right hand, hurt like he--. And lately I tried playing my piano lessons, and I felt a few seconds where I didn't feel my fingers. That's another thing, numbness... it seems to be like I need to often move my hand because it will go numb, and in some fingers will go completely numb. Also tingling sensations at times in the hands.

I have already heard and read my bit on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I know that what I am stating is nearly the textbook sample, taking into account how much I use the computer (all my school work is done in the compu, plus TCS ), and that I play piano... but I really don't like the idea of having to wear a splint in my right hand, for treatment (Essentially I am hoping its something else)

The pain in the wrist, after typing this is downright agonizing, but I really am trying to search the web to have an idea on what it is before I go to the doctor. Has anyone here had experiences or knowledge with this? I remember Lorie has had Carpal Tunnel recently, but I am not sure if she's back from her own experience.
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It sounds an awful lot like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to me... I know you don't want it to be that, but, if it is, you need to get it treated. If not, my simple guess would be arthritis. Since the pain is so severe, I would recommend seeing a doctor about it.
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Oy vay, Victor. I've had carpal tunnel syndrome for 29 years now, and despite surgery (twice), it has never gone away completely. It does sound as if you have a textbook case. I've found that the only thing that really helps is to completely immobilize my hand(s) and wrist(s). I have metal splints that stretch from my knuckles to about 2.5 inches past my wrist, and use them when I'm experiencing a lot of pain (sometimes in my entire arm). Typing seems to be the main cause. I would go to a doctor (orthopedic surgeon) if I were you - maybe you can prevent it from becoming chronic. Good luck!
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I agree. I'm going thru the carpal tunnel crap right now and I'm scared to death of the things they are telling me they want to do to me.
Right now I have an appointment for a test called an EMG on the 16th of next month and since I'm terrified of needles, it is going to be a long hour of testing.
From what I can gather from this booklet they gave me, i have to go in and they will be basically be putting a needle in my arm and doing some nerve conduction studies from it. I'm not happy about it let me tell you. The last doctor that touched me with a needle got himself a black eye. Now it's in my medical record that I am NOT good with needles.
Please go and get it checked out. Don't be stupid like me and wait until a year later thinking your invincible and that work and money are more important. Trust me, I learned the hard way, they aren't. I'm just hoping right now that I'm not going to have to have surgery, that maybe there is something else they can do to help it that isn't so intrusive.
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It might be time to take a break from the computer and if you do use it, pay close attention to how you position your hands, wrists and body in general.

Speaking only for myself.. I find trying to sit "good" causes me more discomfort then sitting "bad".. although that could just be because I have been sitting "bad" for so long myself. :P Good luck though, I hope it is not as serious as you fear.
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I should get it checked out. I know how awfully debilitating hand and wrist pain can be - I have it from breaking my arm exactly a year ago, when the Bosnian doctors didn't set it properly. Now I face another op to reset it, but I will do that in England of France. Anyway, I sympathise on the computer use and lifting things - you can't go on like that indefinitely.
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Yeah, most of my pain is often focused in the radial nerve near the thumb, and the thumb gets an awful lot of pain. The other problem is... hmm... damn, I forget their English names... fourth and fifth fingers? Anyway, they go very numb at times.

Well, honestly my inconveniences would be that I would have to stop my schoolwork for a while (because in my school, all they ask is essays and investigations, which are always done in computer), plus my Tae Kwon Do and piano. Then again, I guess no one ever said getting sick is supposed to be fun.TI am going to get it checked out. I don't like what Tricia said of 29 years with it.
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Victor...I had this for almost a year back a few years ago. I went to the doctor numerous times for it and had cortisone shots in my wrist....which didn't help. I wore a splint for awhile and that didn't seem to help much either.

Finally, when I was in my Anatomay & Physiology class before starting nursing school, another student in my class, who was studying to be a massage therapist, suggested that I try something. She told me that often when the tissues become inflamed in the hand and wrist, small amounts of fluid can become trapped in the joint spaces and cause pain. She suggested that I put lotion on that hand several times a day and massage it downward from the fingers all the way down to the wrist, very firmly, to help work out the fluid and inflammation. Since I had suffered with this pain for a year or more, and nothing else worked, I decided to give it a try. Several times a day I would massage that hand with the lotion. (the lotion makes it easier to massage it deeply) After about a week, the pain began to go away. In about two weeks, the pain was completely gone.

The pain has returned once or twice over the last few years, but I always do the massage thing again and it always goes away before it gets bad again.

This may not help your pain.....but it's worth a try. It's free and easy to do and if the pain doesn't get better.....then you can always try something else.
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Originally Posted by J. Otte
It could be deQuervain's tenosynovitis. If it is, it requires surgery and no splint will help it.
Have you tried steroid injections? I'm a research scientist and do a lot of small, fine movements with my thumbs and fingers. I've been diagnosed with deQuervain's and have had steroid injections and splints. I've not been completely cured but it sure has helped.
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It sounds similar to carpal tunnel.. but then My CT is complicated by arthritis. are the thumb and middle finger numb and tingly?
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
It sounds similar to carpal tunnel.. but then My CT is complicated by arthritis. are the thumb and middle finger numb and tingly?
All fingers are numb and tingly. But the thumb, and index, and sometimes ring finger, tend to be worse. Right now I feel the index finger all tingly.
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i find that my right hand often goes cold with in 5 mins of using the computer.
the house is warm but it hurts using my hand especially to type because it feels frozen.
Lately i have had serious problems with my knees. I can feel a lump of fluid in my left knee and i hope its not atheritis. i really should excersize!
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Hmmm... I agree with the carpal tunnel advice, but am wondering if some kind of weight lifting/exercise for your arms might help.
Anybody, please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't carpal tunnel caused by repetitive motion? So if you look at it that way, maybe doing OTHER exercises with your arms would kind of balance things out, make your arms stronger, too. In other words, create variety. Start slowly, gently, do research on it, & try something like that, first. I would. I'm an artist, & if it hurt me to draw, I would be crushed, but looking for a way around it first, before having to resort to drugs or surgery. Like someone else in another thread said, Doctors are salesmen. Look at the "why" & then think of something to counteract it.
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