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Radio question for the day: 02/21/05

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Do you help the cashier at the grocery store bag your things if there is no bagboy or do you stand there and watch her do it herself?
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It depends. I have helped before if it is an older lately and she appears to nee dhelp. But, if they seem to have it under control I just take the bags and put them in my cart.
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Yup, its just a habit for me, besides some of them are terminally sloooooow!
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I always bag my own groceries. If there is a bagboy, I request to do it myself because I like to group things together logically, and I absolutely don't care for squashed produce or bread.
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In the rare ocassion that this happens, I help.
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I bag it myself. I really don't like it when the bag boys do it even, at the store I shop at they don't know how to load a bag.
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if the bags are on their side i let them do it.. If they are in the middle I will help.
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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
In the rare ocassion that this happens, I help.
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i wish i did get help, they do not help in the store i shop in, even if you have a trolley full, and youre on your own, they just watch you struggle
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I do my own but sometimes they pack while they swipe the items. They usually ask if i want help in packing before they swipe my things through but i always say no thanks because i can have it done by the time someone came.
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We always bag our own - we just don't have the same culture of sales assistants bag-packing that you do in the States.

For a while Safeway over here ran a programme where you could register for a bar code reader and swipe your own shopping as you went round. It was all packed by you as you shopped and when you replaced your barcode reader at the end, your bill was printed and you just took it to the cash desk. No unloading and reloading at the cash desk. I remember telling shop assistants about this in the US and they FREAKED - they thought they would be made jobless. The initiative didn't last though and nobody does that anymore.
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Yup!, why not?
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Yeah I help the cashier, when the bag boy gets back, I tell them that I'm going to tell the manager but they just laugh cause they know the manager is my brother.
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here in germany you have to do it all your self.
Infact sometimes you cant even get a trolly and you have to just manage to get everything with your hands.
Stores here like Lidl and aldi dont provide you with baskets either while shopping.
You have to pay for plastic bags and there is a small counter where they swipe it on so you have to chuck everything in the trolly and when you have payed you have to go to the site and put everything in the bags your self or you just go in the car and put everything in there. People have their own baskets in there which we have so its easier and saves less time for plastic bags.
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It depends - after the transaction is complete I will help, but I don't want to put my credit card away (I'm not about to leave it out on the counter where anyone can grab it!) just to take it out again so the cashier can check my signature. I will help in what I can before that though, like grab the gallon of milk and put it in my cart.
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I help them,,,,They are usually slow and sloppy about it.
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Sometimes, if I'm in a hurry. Fwan, I can't believe that you can't even get a shopping cart, seems like they should have them available. I normally do one huge shopping trip a month and weekly smaller stops for milk, bread, veges and fruit so I would be extremely put off if I couldn't get a cart.
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If I am at Walmart or Meijers or another specialty store thereof.... I will let the cashiers bag the groceries because some of them might get a tad testy because they want to bag without interference.... But if I was at a Schnucks or ShopnSave I would help the cashier load the bags up.
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If there's no bagger I always bag myself... Since I used to work in a supermarket, I tend to bag faster than the cashier rings my groceries so I'm usually done by the time they're done... Besides, I always hated when people stood there and watched me bag... It's so rude...
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The person that scans the items, packs the bags here...
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Depends on the situation. Most of the places I shop these days, I don't really have the option, but if I do, I actually prefer to do my own bagging.
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