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Outdoor cat house

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We'll the cats started spraying again!(healhy cats) Would love to keep them inside but I cant handle it anymore. They spend most of their time outside in the summer time, but its cold here in Minnesota and they spend very little time outside this time of the year. Well they are gonna go outside weather they like it or not. Ok does anyone sell a insulted/heated cat house that i can put in my garage. or heck i'm pretty handy i can build them one if i had some good plans. Or if anyones got anygood suggestions I'm all ears. FYI I searched the forums for spraying so I have all that good info to work with as well. thank you in advance.
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Ok, I'm gonna ask one very obvious question......have these cats been spayed/neutered?
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Since you already searched I wont say all the things I said in other threads.. but good luck with the situation, I hope your able to resolve it. It does take a lot of patience but hopefully you can get it under control if you use the proper tactics.
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little more info 2 feamle cats both spayed. Is it cruel to put them outside as long as they have food, water and warmth.
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i personally wouldnt have my cat living outside, it just wouldnt feel right, i didnt even know female cats sprayed???
i had socks neutered when he was 6 months and he's never sprayed once.
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I had a female that sprayed after spaying. In fact I put up with it for several years. Once her sister passed on it stopped. I cannot give you advice on keeping a cat outdoors especially during a Minnesota winter since mine are strictly indoors. I wish you luck. I recently had a friend who tried Feliway which worked for her cat.
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Originally Posted by cazx01
i personally wouldnt have my cat living outside, it just wouldnt feel right, i didnt even know female cats sprayed???
i had socks neutered when he was 6 months and he's never sprayed once.
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Considering where you are from, I would say that you need to keep your cats inside and NOT give up on them. Have you had them to the vets for a needle draw of urine to see if they are fighting a problem? Are they inside a small house with not enough space for as many cats as you have? How many litter pans do you have and where are they located? How often are they scooped and cleaned? Have you purchased a black light and chased all the urine stains that are old, that you have probably missed, and then cleaned them with the proper enzyme cleaner, not just soap and water?

Have you been to www.planeturine.com and looked at their extensive advice on this issue?
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If your cats have been inside mainly until now during a Minnesota winter, they are not physically equipped to adapt to life outside. Cats who 'winter' out have time to grow the heavy insulating coats that they need, and even they can have problems. Indoor cats who get put out during the winter do not have what it takes to survive. When I still lived in Ontario I rescued a stray who was obviously thrown out in the middle of winter (unneutered tom) who did not have a winter coat and when I found him both of his ear tips were black and the pads of his feet were falling off from frostbite. He lost his ear tips and had some painful weeks regrowing the skin on his feet.

One other suggestion - invest in a feliway room diffuser, and talk to your vet. As a last resort there may be pharmaceutical approaches you can consider.

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if your cats dont like each other they may be stressed and they will spray. how do they interact together? just because they are not fighting doesnt mean they get along. do they ignore each other or stay out of each others way? or do they snuggle and sleep together?

do you have a catflap? if so outside moggies could be causing them to feel stressed and territorial. maybe block up the cat flap or try to discourage other cats from your garden.

when medical reasons are ruled out and you have tried feliway it may be kinder to rehome one of your cats or foster it out for a bit and see if the problem improves.
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