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Hello. I joined a couple days ago to post a question about our too-aggressive cat. We've never had cats before and haven't had dogs for about 30 years, so this is very different for us. We took in a stray about four months ago--he's the aggressive one. He has so much energy and wanted to play so much, we got another cat about a month ago. I had read that a female, slightly younger and smaller would be the best choice, but the foster parent talked me into another male. The introduction went well and they love playing together, but Blackie gets too rough with Pepper sometimes. No pictures yet but Blackie is about 20 months and 13.6 lbs, and Pepper is about 8 months and 7.6 lbs.
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Welcome to TCS! I don't think that Blackie will hurt him too much, but if they do get too aggressive, try separating them everytime it happens. If that doesn't work, try using a spray bottle. That works for me... everytime my kitties do a "no no" I spray them. Until they learn to be a little more timid, I would suggest separating them at night, and when you aren't home.
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Welcome to TCS. Some will suggest not spraying as you can get water in their ear which can lead to problems, others will suggest spraying them on the tail end only. Wether or not you do or don't I wish you all the best.
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you to TCS, Cheryl, Blackie, and Pepper! So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know each of you better! How wonderful that you have already received valuable information in our Behavior Forum! Sure hope these two can play nicely!I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Thanks, everyone. Separating them at night might be a good idea, but it would also be difficult. They were separated for three days after Pepper was neutered and everyone was miserable, including Pepper. Feliway was suggested on the Behavior Forum, and I'm checking on that. Got to go, Blackie is sliding all the paper off my desk.
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welcome to tcs
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Welcome to the site Cheryl! I hope you enjoy your time here!

I don't know if this was covered in the Behavior thread, but I wanted to clarify something about spraying water when cats are "naughty". It's really not a good idea for a few reasons. First, some cats like water and it won't work (but that's the least of the problems ). Spraying with water, in addition to the possibility of it getting in their ears and causing infections, also teaches the cat(s) things you don't want them to learn. Water = punishment or is something to fear, which you really don't want to have happen if you ever have to bathe the cat. You = something to fear, for obvious reasons, bad idea. Kitty can get away with anything if you aren't there to stop it - again, pretty obvious. If you absolutely must use a spray bottle, aim the stream away from the cat but across their field of vision as a redirection tool. They will stop doing the "naughty" behavior and get interested in the movement. Positive reinforcement is the only way to reason with a cat...basically make it seem like it's his idea (or at least that it's something he likes to do or gets rewards for doing) to behave in the way you would like. Discipline and cats don't mix, and a spray bottle is definitely a form of discipline albeit a mild one.

Sorry to hijack your welcome thread, just wanted to reiterate those points for future readers.
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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Hi Cheryl!

Welcome to TCS.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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