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My cat ate grease!

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Hello all, I'm new to this forum. Last night I cooked up some ground beef, draining the fat into a cup to cool. Needless to say, I forgot about it and my cat (who is forbidden from walking on the counter top, by the way ) ate a bunch of it. There was probably 1/3 cup to begin with, and she ate a third of that.

So, rather than wait to see if she starts puking all over the place... has anyone here experienced that? Is she going to be ok? Do I need to be worried?

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much more qualified people will respond with better advice than this, but I think your kitty will probably be OK and have no problems with hairballs for awhile!! :-)
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I haven't had one of my cats do that, but...when you think about all the cat foods made with animal fat, beef tallow, it's the same stuff just a huge amount in one "snack". You might see a change in stool, since this is very rich, but it's not, imo, going to have hurt your cat.
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might have a few slimey poos but i think he'll be ok
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Well, thanks for the input... It makes me feel more at ease. I'll keep an eye on her though, to make sure she's not acting odd (well, more odd than usual).

Silly cat...
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J. Otte just so are aware, tomatos are toxic to kitties. They don't work their damage overnight, but very slowly. Tomatos are a member of the nightshade family, so it is important your cat no longer be able to eat tomato-based products.
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I'm a little late to this one, but I saw it while looking for hairball help and had to respond! This weekend, while Smokie and I were at our boyfriend's place (she makes me share him with her...) so got up on his counter while we were gone and ate a big chunk of grease out of his George Foreman grease tray. We got home and found the tray on the floor with a big hunk out of it. I knew immediately who the culprit was. She likes grease, butter and salt (just like her mommy). She jumped up on my parents table once when we were visiting and started licking the stick of butter while we had our backs turned. My dad was not too pleased when he walked in the room and caught her!

Anyway, I'm glad to see this isn't going to do damage to her, but will still be keeping an eye out to try to keep her out of that stuff!
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Your cat will be ok, the extra fat will not hurt her.
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