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A couple of my favs. recently...

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I love the new pictures! Thanks for sharing! That one of Nala is so cute draped over the head/foot of the bed.
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BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!! what beautiful babies you have...and that one of Nala is just adorable

I looked at your website too...your work is stunning...I wish I lived closer to you!!
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oh, thats wonderful! I love his whiskers all lit up in the sun-what a beautiful moment you captured
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Wow those are really great! Your work is stunning, just like those pretty babies you use as a muse.
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So cute! Chloe does the same thing on chairs that Nala does on the bed. I love seeing her do that. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.
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Absolutely great pics!!
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Wow, those are really beautiful photos! You are very talented!!!!
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Wow, beautiful pics!
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Oh wow, amazing pictures!!
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Your photos are absolutely stunning!
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They are wonderful photos. You are a very talented photographer and what wonderful models you have
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Your work is amazing (as are your sweet cats!). Do you ever submit your photos for those cat calendars? They'd make great additions to these calendars!
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Wow! Great pictures, great subjects and great website!

Nakita & I give you a 4 paw rating!
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