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Make a Member Feel Good! JCAT (Tricia!)

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I learned that as the latest nominee I am supposed to make a nomination now for the next person.

I couldn't think of someone better than you, Tricia. Your kindness and sincerity is evident in every letter of your posts. You are also a person who helps anyone in distress who is nearby. And I haven't forgotten all the advice you give, full of wisdom and knowledge.
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Congratulations Tricia

Your always there to offer help and advice to people who need it, and always comment on Rosie and Sophies threads

And your everyones calender here because it's nearly always yourself who reminds us of peoples birthdays on the site!!
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aww yes, tricia has helped me so much being in germany.
I love it how she reminds me of things through pm.

Tricia I thank you for being there for me and supporting me through my bad times. I dont know what i would have done with out you
You really deserve this award
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Tricia, you deserve this nomination and more!! You are the cream of the crop here on TCS and I think I say for a lot of people that, "we all love you!"
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Congratulations! You deserve it, you are a very helpful and nice lady.
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Hello Tricia, Woaw!!! congrats for the nomination, you´re kind ´cause you´re looking for the birthdays person!!!! Have a nice & wonderful day!!! Enjoy it!
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Thanks, gang! It has been one of those days (tired, everybody late for school because of snow, the microwave died), so this is a great pick-me-up! Hmm - I have to think of a good candidate for tomorrow!
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YAY!! Congratualtions Tricia!! You are so helpful to so many on this board and always remember to post birthday threads. Thanks for being part of this community!!
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No one deserves it more than you, Tricia! Congrats! I don't think that I've made on question formulated thread that you haven't replied and helped me on! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations! Thanks for all you do and say.
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Aww, YAY :-)

You are always sooo nice and friendly and welcoming to everyone! And you are so knowledgeable your posts are awesome!! I hope that this thread is making your day a little brighter

(when my microwave died in college I almost needed counseling to get over it!! )
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Tricia, I really like people who can dispense wisdom, with humour and compassion, in a coherent manner. That's you. Your day is pretty well over by now -- and it seems it didn't start all that well. I hope it's improved and you get to settle for the night with a little smile on your face.
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Tricia, if I had to describe you in one word it would be BRILLIANT...BRIGHTER THAN OUR NEAREST STAR! Okay, that's more than one word will not suffice! Tricia, you are one of the smartest people I know. Of course I agree with you in IMO..99.9% of the time so that shows my bias. But I am sure even those from across the political aisle, would agree, as you always back up you beliefs with excellent facts. Okay,okay I can see you blushing from here!!! By the way Tricia I just posted a message in the "Do You Hate Rodents" just for you, make sure you check it out. Hope you enjoyed your day!
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Congrats Tricia! Your posts are always intelligent and well thought out. It's good to have people like you around.
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Congrats Tricia! You know how wonderful I think you are but it can't hurt to tell you again, and who knows one day I might just take you up on that offer of adoption.
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For the short time I've been here I've already seen what a sweet and wonderful person you are! Thanks for being so great.
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Aww Tricia - I missed your special day - how did I manage that . I hope you had a great day - you deserved it.
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Now I am really blushing! Thanks so much!
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