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Kitty has FIP - please help!

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Hello all, I never thought I'd post here quickly after I lost my first kitty last August 2004.

Fafa/Righty was diagnosed today with FIP. I couldn't believe it, he's a voracious eater and it doesn't seem right that he has FIP. Fafa has the "wet" type of FIP, his abdomen is swollen with fluid, after being given diuretics & an overnight stay at the vets, his abdominal swelling went down, but the fluid is hanging sub-Q.

Fafa was diagnosed by X-ray & blood tests. I was stunned when I heard that he has FIP, I cried at the vets knowing this is a fatal disease. I couldn't believe it, Fafa is only 2 months old and doesn't have much ahead of him.

As I am typing this, Fafa is resting on my legs. He's such a sweet kitty despite losing one eye to infection. I want him to get better, but stuff I have read on the internet says otherwise. 10 other cats were exposed to Fafa, including his bestfriend (they came from my aunt's - I think this is the place where Fafa got FIP). So far, his bestfriend doesn't seem to have swelling of the abdomen. I hope my other cats don't have it.

It's soo sad to know that Fafa has only few days or weeks to live. I can't help it. He's such a sweet boy, wants so much attention. I love my Fafa eventhough it's only been two months since I got him.

Should I opt for euthanasia? Or should I wait for him to get better... but FIP's a terminal disease... and I know I'll get more attached to him.

Please pray for Fafa. Thanks.

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Aww...Steph....I'm so sorry about Fafa......such devastating news. Only you can decide when it's time for Fafa to go to the Rainbow Bridge. If he is suffering, then you need to give him the kindest gift of all......peace and an ending to his pain.

I can't imagine how hard it is to lose one so young. Fortunately, for me, I've only had to make that decision with pets who have lived a long a full life....and even was heart wrenching to say the least.

I wish you both peace and strength at this time.
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I'm sorry You will know when it's time to say goodbye. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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This is truly a hard decision for you. I know it's going to be hard, if you let him live, he'll suffer.... if he doesn't suffer anymore, he'll die. I know you want him there with you, but, you do have to think of his quality of life. Consult with your vet, get the chances. Only you can make this decision. I know you'll make the right one!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Fafa!

We are all here for you!
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I don't know if you have other cats, but you need to think about them too and their chances of contracting FIP.
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I just wanna to say you Steph, your little one is in my prayers... I´m so sorry about your loss...RIP sweet Fafa/Righty
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Awww, I am sorry to hear this about your sweet baby.
It's such a hard decision to have to make, but you will know by the quality of your kitty's life, he will let you know.
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I'm sorry to hear about Fafa! We know you will make the right decision! You are in my thoughts, Steph!
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I'm so sorry Jalapeno. Ohmigod there's nothing to say. The sorrow of losing a kitten is different but it is just as deep and painful.

I'm sending all my prayers and best wishes.
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Oh, Steph! I am sending prayers & vibes of love, support & encouragement to Fafa & you! PLEASE, read KitKatMom's post "FIP Reminder of fatality & letting go" (posted in this forum in January, I believe) It is so very informative & touching. God must have put you in Fafa's life because you have the love & courage to even consider euthanasia. Please, please remember that cats & dogs hide how much they are suffering, it protects them from predators! It breaks my heart to hear how many of our pets spend hours & days, meowing, or moaning, or in silent suffering only to be put down in the last 1% of their 100% suffering. You will be able to protect Fafa from that inevitable fate. Remember "true love is letting go", and I do not say that lightly, in addition to letting my furbabies of the past go (actually, sending them over the Bridge) I have buried a still-born son, my 18 year old nephew, a year later, my husband (I remarried 16 years later, though), my oldest brother, and in retrospect, I realize that a peaceful passing is a wonderful gift. You are a very wonderful person, a real guardian angel for this kitten, and any one else who is so fortunate to be in your life. I cannot tell you enough how special you are - it renews my faith in humanity!! Love, Susan
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Dear Steph,
Oh with a very saddened heart I am reading your thread here and you will find the answers you seek in a short time, I just sense this. I, too, had to make a similar choice with Freddie (RIP 11/9/03) and he was just shy of 8 months. He brought such joy into our family and it was devastating. I will also let you know that it was an unbearable situation to see him suffer and we knew we were being so horribly selfish to keep him around after the downhill slide had really taken hold. FIP is painful to the kitty, Leukemia is somewhat different in that way, but you are handed the power and the love to provide the best possible life for well as sometimes we are only conduits to another place animals leave us for. Somebody very dear to me told me that last part when I really needed to hear it. Jalapeno, you are such a bright person with great light around you. I feel this from everything you post and what I know of you. You must hold your head high and bond in peace with your baby, through good and bad. And whatever you choose, you know he will love you still, regardless. You PM me if you need any help or shoulders at all.
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I'm so sorry Fafa is so ill My heart goes out to you and him.
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I pray that God will give you the wisdom to make the right decision and comfort you always. Prayers for little Fava, poor baby.
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Thanks all for your kind words.

Fafa is still with us, he is oblivious to his illness. He eats, drinks, & meows a lot. He loves attention very much.

After 2 days of isolating him from his family, I decided to reunite him since everyone's been exposed to him and they couldn't get FIPV from Fafa, it depends on their system if FECV will mutate into FIPV. He loves their company and loves sleeping on a spot near the edge of my bed.

I wish it's a misdiagnosis on the vet's part because I really still don't want to part ways with my Fafa too soon. But when the time comes that he starts suffering, we will definitely opt for euthanasia.

Thanks again.

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No matter what people tell you, you will do what you will. Enjoy your time with him and spend lots of time loving him, these moments will be the ones you will use to think back on later. I can totally relate to this. I feel so much pain for you. Just love him over and over again. I feel your pain, tears, fears, just know I'm (we're) here for you.
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I send thoughts and prayers to you and Fafa all the way down there to you.
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Tomorrow afternoon, we will be sending Fafa to RB. It has been two weeks since he was diagnosed with FIP, and he's not getting any better. His tummy area is so full of fluid. Although he still eats & drinks, it's just not the same. He seems to be in pain, so we thought it was best to say goodbye to Fafa. It has been a rewarding three months with him. There were good & bad times, and we'll definitely cherish it.

Goodbye Fafa, your human & feline family will miss you so much.

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What a difficult decision you have had to make and I will be thinking of you and Fafa at this time.
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You and Fafa will be in my thoughts tomorrow
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So very sorry about Fafa, and for you to, to have to go through this. You will be in my thoughts. Hugs.
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Aw I'm so sorry to hear this - Fafa will be in my thoughts as he crosses the bridge! and you will too.
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I lost my little persian kitten Willow last year about this time to FIP.
It is such an awful disease!!
The first sign was blood in her poo.
Then her belly swelled, I didn't realize it was from that.
I went to bed with her sleeping on my pillow with me.
Sometime during the night she got up and I found her lying
on the floor looking up at me, she couldn't move her body.
It broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

I wish I could spare you the same pain!
It will be one of the most difficult moments you may ever face.
She was still "living", but in such a state, the Vet told me she
wasn't going to make it and they helped her go, as I like to look at it.
I had just stayed with another very special kitty as they put her to sleep
only about 2 months before (she had cancer), and it was VERY hard on me, I couldn't stay with Willow. I was in a deep depression for several weeks afterwards.

I think there's a special place for the kitties that suffer such a horrible disease when they get to the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thanks all for your caring words. Fafa has now gone to the Bridge. I wasn't there when they put him to sleep, I don't think I'll be able to handle it well. He will be buried in our vet's farm outside Manila - I hope there'll be plenty of fresh air & sunshine for Fafa, he loves the sun.

When he gets to the Bridge, I'm sure he'll be welcomed by my other animals who had long passed away, and they'll play happily until I see them again.

I love you, Fafa! Be free little one!
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I lost my 2 sweet angels (Mia and Willow) both persians at only 6 and 9 months old to FIP. My heart aches for all who have lost a sweet angel to this dreadful disease. They are all at rest now and in a btter place. We all miss our sweet angels, but one day we will all rejoin them again, in that better place, on the other side of the bridge.
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