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Hunter Thompson Suicides

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Thompson, author of "Hell's Angels" and "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" shot himself this evening at his home in Colorado.

An avante garde author, he developed the "gonzo journalism" style of the writer being part of the story.

According to a friend of mine, "HST was a 60s/70s counter-culture writer/icon.
He was the inspiration for the Doonesbury character Uncle Duke. The jokes about him drunkenly shooting his Luger at John Denver were not too far off. "

Godspeed and God bless, Mr. Thompson. I appreciate your words, your style, and your ability to make someone think about things.

Damned depression anyway.

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WhenI read he shot himself I thought boy you reallly do out the way you lived don't you? I suspect it was more of an induced depression if he was depressed. Alcohol is a depressant people forget.

But God Bless him, I admire his style so much and he was such a keen mind and inventive writer.
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WHAT!!!!!!!!! I am in shock as I read this - I had no idea! I loved his books - he definitely had a uniqueway of researching for his journalistic articles/books.

May you rest in peace Hunter - there will be no other gonzo journalist like you.
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I was very saddened to hear of his death, but he said that would be the way he went.
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