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Examples of My cookbook

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To all of you who are interested in my cookbook, here are some examples:

Zucchini Pie
3 cups zucchini, peeled and thinly sliced
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
4 beaten eggs
1 cup Bisquick
Mix all together well and pour into a lightly greased deep pie dish.
Cook at 350 degrees for an hour or until the top is brown.
Use a cake tester to make sure that it is cooked all the way through.

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Sounds yummy! I actually have a very similar recipe that you cut into squares when you are done.

Did you write your own cookbook?? How many recipes are in it?
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Here is others:

Classic Waldorf Salad
Serves 2-3

1 Granny Smith apple, sliced
1 Red apple, sliced
2 teaspoons Lemon juice
3/4 cup Celery, diced
1/2 cup Walnuts, chopped
1/2 cup Mayonnaise

Toss the apple slices with the lemon juice. Mix in remaining ingredients. Cover and chill. Serve on lettuce leaves.

Winter Squash Soup
This recipe works well with acorn, butternut, or Hubbard squash.

Serves 4-6

3 Tablespoons Olive oil
3 Tablespoons Butter
1 large Onion, chopped
4 cups Water
4 cups Chicken broth
4 cups Winter squash, peeled, seeded and medium diced
2 Carrots, peeled and diced
1/4 cup Parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon Thyme
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil and butter in a heavy soup pot. Add the onions and cook until just soft. Add the remaining ingredients and slowly bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Carefully add small amounts to a food processor or blender. Puree the entire batch. Add to a new pot and re-warm over low heat. Serve warm.

Tuscan-Style Beef Stew
The flavors of Italy produce a wonderful beef stew.

Serves 4

2 1/2 Tablespoons Olive oil
1 1/2 pounds Beef stew meat (cubed)
1 1/2 teaspoons Garlic, minced
1/2 cup Carrot, diced
1/2 cup Onion, diced
1/2 cup Celery, diced
1 1/2 cups Red wine
3 1/2 cups Chicken broth
1/2 cup Tomato sauce
2 teaspoons Basil
1 1/2 cups Winter squash (acorn, butternut, etc.), peeled and cubed
1 tablespoon Cracked black pepper

Heat the oil in a Dutch oven. Add the beef and brown. Add the garlic, carrot, onion, and celery. Cook until just soft. Add the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for one hour. Check the seasonings. Serve warm.

Somewhat Spanish Chicken
1 whole chicken, boiled and deboned--reserve at least 5 cups stock
1 can creamed of chicken soup
1 small jar pimentos
1 medium onion, diced
Jalapeno peppers, diced
3 Tbsp. butter
1 bag Tortilla or Tostitos chips-plain
1 block cheddar cheese, shredded
In 5-quart pot, boil chicken until tender, debone and reserve stock.
In saucepan, melt butter; add onions, peppers, and pimentos. Sauté until
onions are transparent. Add cream of chicken soup and 1 cup of chicken stock; stir to blend well. If sauce looks too thick, add more stock. Heat until well blended.
In a casserole dish, layer the chips, chicken, soup, and cheese. Continue
this process until all ingredients are used up with cheese being the last.
Bake in over at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until bubbly.

California-style Chicken Salad
Serve this tasty entree salad at your next summer luncheon.

Serves 4

1/4 cup Mayonnaise
1/4 cup Sour Cream
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon Dill weed
1 1/4 pound Chicken, boneless breast, cooked and diced
3/4 cup Green seedless grapes, cut in half
1/2 cup Almonds, slivered, toasted
1 Scallion, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Green leaf lettuce

Whisk together the mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, and dill. Toss in the chicken, grapes, almonds, and scallions. Mix well. Check seasonings. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Serve cold over lettuce leaves.

There are more recipes that I collect and I receive most of them through a website called Emazing.
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I collect the recipes and save them to a disk. Then I will print them, put a protective cover on them, and put them in a three ringed binder. I haven't tried any of them yet. I also have desserts if anyone is interested. I really like the ones that have vegetables and salads. When I make soups and stews, I like to add alot of vegetables. I can actually make a great vegetable soup. By the way, does anyone use a crock pot? I know some people would put things in them before going to work. But I feel very uncomfortable leaving a crock pot unattended. So I usually cook something while I am home.
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nena10, I always used my crockpot while I was working. I'd put in a stew, or one of my hubbies favorites pork roast. Never worried about it. Made lots of meals that way. As I didn't get home till about 5:30 pm ut really helped.

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Nena, Your recipies sound great!!!! I would love some crockpot recipies, I use mine alot!
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By the way, were can I get Roasted Garlic?

Roasted Garlic Alfredo
Serve this variation of the classic pasta dish with tossed salad and crusty bread.

Serves 4

1/2 pound Linguine, dry
1 1/2 cups Cream
3/4 cup Parmesan, grated
2 Tablespoons Roasted garlic, pureed
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the pasta until just tender. Drain and rinse. Set aside. Heat the cream in a skillet. Whisk in the cheese and garlic. Reduce slightly. Toss in the cooked pasta. Check seasonings. Serve warm.

I am really interested in this one. Sounds very good.

Saucy Chicken Bake
1 cup finely chopped onion
1/3 cup vegetable or olive oil
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
4 drops Tabasco sauce
9 - 12 uncooked chicken parts (legs, wings, thighs, breasts, drumsticks)
1 large zucchini, sliced
Add oil and onion in a fry pay and cook onion until soft and golden.

Add all remaining ingredients except zucchini slices. Simmer 15 minutes.
Line baking pan with zucchini slices. From the frying pan, place chicken
pieces on top of zucchini slices. Pour sauce (from frying pan mixture)
over chicken.
Bake at 350 degrees for about one hour, basting about every 20 minutes.
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Nena, in order to have roasted garlic you need to roast it yourself. It is fairly easy to do, you buy a big bulb of garlic and pull it apart, peel the cloves, place the peeled cloves on a square of tin foil and toss it with cooking oil (small amount) cook at 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes, take it out and mash it with a fork. Roasting garlic brings out the full flavor of the garlic and really adds a nice touch to a meal.
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