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He looks so peaceful but....

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Malakai is sleeping on my bed right now and he looks so peaceful ... He looks so sweet but I can't get rid of this urge to wake him up and torture him... LoL not torture him in a bad way of course... but, do what he does to me when I'm sleeping... make it impossible for him to sleep!! LoL I haven't gotten any sleep in the last few weeks because he has this habit of jumping on me and biting my face while I'm sleeping... Payback is a witch!! LoL Should I wake the monster??? LoL
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LOL! I probably would wake him up.....Lord knows I do it to mine when I'm at home working and they're trying to sleep!
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I always want to... but they look so sweet! And I think I read in a book that you're not supposed to wake them up when they're sleeping because when they're kittens it helps them grow. I know, it sounded weird to me too- but I didn't want to stunt their growth!
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Ah, they do look SOOOO SWEET, but I'd wake him up, just to keep his schedule closer to mine. My 2 boys are 6mos. now, and have been starting to wake up in the night again. This past week, I've been busy outside the home & I think that they are napping when I'm gone. Today, I took them with me part of the time, and to my mom's for a visit with my parents' cats for the rest of the day. They just clunked out about a 1/2 hr. ago (9:00 p.m.PST)- hope they don't do the 2a.m. relay across my bed!! I'm hopeful to sleep through the night. Hope you get to do the same!! Susan
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i would wake him up!!! awww socks always gets it, how alse are you supposed to get them back after pouncing on your face at 5am
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Awwwwwww don't wake him!

Shame on you lot who want him woken up!
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my boyfriend always threatens to prod Maverick when she's asleep. or trample all over her and dribble like she does to us in the middle of the night!

he tried to wake her once and got bit for his trouble so i say let him sleep!
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That is the very reason that once I'm ready to go to sleep.....I put all the kitties out of my room and close the door.

I'll let them nap with me, but when it comes to my "real" sleep......I don't let anyone mess that up! I work 12 hour shifts at the hospital and I have to be rested. The nice thing is that every morning, when my alarm goes off, all the kitties are waiting at my door to greet me. They have now realized though, that once the alarm goes off.....it means that mommy is getting up. So if I hit my snooze button a couple of times....they will begin scratching at my door and meowing for me to hurry and get up.
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Robin my two are the same!. As soon as the radio alarm goes off, Rosie jumps off the bed and stretches and Sophie walks over to my face and gives me a kiss
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mine doesnt like the alarm clock, but he does get up to say bye bye to daddy for work. then he comes back to bed with me coz bf has to go to work at 7 am
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Elmo wakes Mum up when she's trying to sleep so she does the same to him!
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