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I Could Really Use Some Advice...

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Okay, here's the situation...

Actually, first off, let me say this. I know that I need to get my cat into the Vet, but the problem is that my wife and having severe money problems, and can barely, and sometimes not at all, pay for food, gas etc. I have always put my cats first and made sure they had plenty of food, litter, etc. With that said, we've gone over our budget many many times and we have no way to afford a vet visit, especially if there are any problems...the only way we could is to skip rent, or a few major bills which honestly isn't much of a choice as my pregnant wife and I need a home to live in and a car to get to work to make what little money we do..

Onto the problem...my female cat Chloe, who is about 1.5 years old, has been having some issues. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old and there have never been any problems till recently. About 2 months ago she started really acting paranoid. She hides under the bed and rarely comes out except at night, though she is here sitting on the monitor as we speak (write). She has started pooping all over the house in random places...and it's always loose or semi-loose stool.

We haven't ever changed her diet, she's been eating the same food, etc since we got her. She even at one point was pooping in the food dish, and I have no idea why. We discarded that food dish and changed to a different one and she hasn't done it since, but she always seems to poop while we're asleep. Also, it's never just one pile, she leaves and entire trail throughout the house, so our entire living room will be littered with poop spots, and frankly it's just sick.

My wife and I love her to death, and we don't yell at her or do anything like that, though we do say in a calm manner "Chloe, you know you shouldn't do that...Mom and Dad aren't happy with you right now". Though, who knows if she understands. We're trying to figure out what to do as my wife is six months pregnant and it's not healthy for her or the baby to be around this, even though I clean every spot as best I can. We would love to take her to the Vet but we honestly can not afford to right now, though I'm going through every thing I can to see if I can sell enough personal items to maybe get enough for atleast a checkup.

Oh yeah...we have 3 other cats, and two of them have acted more hostile towards her since she's started this behavior, so they must sense something is wrong as well. I just don't know. I've tried tracking the behavior to see if she goes in the same spots, but she doesn't. If I clean one spot, she just goes in another...on clothers, off of clothes, in the corner, under the bed, by the food, outside the litter box, under the desk, in the closet...you name it, she's pooped there.

Anyway...no need to ramble. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before, or does anyone know places that will help donate money or something. I suppose I can call around to vets to see if anyone can work out a deal with us, but from prior times asking they all said no...everything must be paid for in full at time of service...no payment plans.

I'm just so saddened by this situation...

Here's a picture of her about 5 minutes ago, click for larger image.

:: Porthos
:: porthos@myrealbox.com
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I know one of the more knowledgeable people will post with information about getting assistance for vet visits. Basically, Chloe needs to see a vet. She is showing several symptoms of ill-health - hiding under the bed, having loose stools often and all over and the other cats are demonstrating hostility to her. Cats will often become aggressive to a housemate who one is sick - they recognize the illness by the change in her healthy 'smell'.

Loose bowel movements across the floor isn't something Chloe is doing because she is misbehaving. She honestly can't help herself. The reason you need a vet visit is that the vet is the only one who can honestly identify what is causing her ill health. It could be anything from worms to parasites to some sort of digestive disorder. It could be something serious - or it could be something easily remedied, but only a vet is in the position to identify the cause and provide a prognosis and cure. Believe me, Chloe is just as interested in finding out what is wrong with her and getting it fixed as you are.

Please do phone around and see if you can find a vet who will accept a payment plan from you.

Something that may help and won't hurt is to give her some acidophilusin her food. Sometimes the extra 'good bacteria' helps to make stool more firm.

As well, how many litter boxes do you have for 4 cats? You should have at least 5 boxes that are cleaned regularly and are located in different spots. You say this happens at night. Is Chloe is being attacked by one of her housemates when she goes to a litter box at night? If she is, then she is also going to avoid the box because she knows she is at risk of being hurt there.

Are you able to put her into a room by herself with her own litterbox overnight where she is safe from being attacked? If you can, see if she still makes a mess on the floor or if she uses the box. If she uses the box then, I suspect one of her house mates may be terrorizing her at night.

Please do what you can to find a way to get her into a vet.

Good luck,
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Your cat needs a vet before it gets to late for you to do something about what is wrong and be able to handle the cost. The longer you wait, the more expensive this vet visit might be, or you can lose your cat, depending on what is wrong with her. If you love this cat, and you want her to be in your life, you will take her in and get her worked up and find out what is wrong. Cats will typically attack sick or ill cats because when they become sick they start to smell different. So they go from feline friend to intruder. Please don't let your cat down in this. You are the only one who can help her by getting her to a professional. And I am sorry if this sounds harsh, I don't mean it to be, but if you can't afford a vet visit, how are you going to accomodate the needs and demands of a baby?

Here is an article to give you ideas of how to afford this mucn-needed visit

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Porthos, where do you live exactly? I do not mean to beat on a rock, but the Humane Society where we are will not turn anyone away. They have a sliding scale and even a little bit of money will help. Try calling them, even if they are far away -- for a referral in your area.
--and she is a cutie.
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like sashacat said, try contacting a local animal society. you can do an internet search for your nearest one. most vets are animl lovers and many will be willing to reduce costs to help chloe.
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Please don't take this the "wrong way", but I have to wonder about Hissy's question as well. If you have 4 cats, a preg. wife with a baby on the way, and can not afford to take your one sick cat to the vet for a checkup, let alone any follow up treatment and bills.. how are you going to manage with four cats AND a baby plus two adults?

I am seriously not trying to stress you out here and I realize this IS a stressful situation to say the least, but if your situation does not improve for the better perhaps you can find someone to take the cats off your hands until things improve? Times are tight for us as well and we only have two cats now that the other two have passed, but I could not even dream of having a child if for nothing else simply because of the major expense that it would involve.

No matter what you decide and what your able to do or not, I sincerly do wish you all the best with the cats, the wife and the new baby on the way. I also hope that you find someone or something able to help and can position yourself and your new family into a more secure finicial arrangement. God bless you all and best of luck to you, don't give up hope.

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I have to agree with hissy and Cirque. Cat feces can be harmful to an unborn baby because of parasites. And a new baby will stress the cat out even more. Your local ASPCA will probably arrange a payment plan or reduce your fees if you can show a need. Kathryn's idea of isolating Chloe sounds like a good place to start though.

Could it be that she's already a little stressed about the baby???
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Cat feces are only harmful if you are unsanitary about handling litter pans. Plenty of households with babies also have cats and no one that I know has ever gotten toxoplasmosis. You use rubber gloves to clean the pans and scrub them out, and be sure you wash your hands after doing the litter box duty. You use the gloves to scoop the pan out, and that is just a good rule for anyone to follow, not just pregnant women.
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