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My Cat's Overbite - Need Suggestions

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One of my cats (his name's Tao, a 5 and 1/2 month old tiger tabby) has developed an overbite and I am afraid it is getting worse as he grows. His vet pointed out this abnormality over a month ago during his neutering visit, and said dental work may be needed in the future.

Currently, his top front teeth are about 1/2 a centimeter farther than the bottom front teeth, and bottom incisors are starting to be overshadowed by the top. The bottom incisors don't appear to be hitting any gums or the top of his mouth. He's always been a slower eater than his brother of the same age, but overall, it doesn't seem to have an effect on his eating, yet.

My questions are, for anyone who may answer them, what kinds of dental treatment are there for cats with bad jaw alignment and what do you think qualifies as a sever enough case for treatment? I will question the vet as well but a broader range of opinions couldn't hurt. Also, if anyone else has had a pet with this ailment, I would like to hear your story.



PS: If anyone would like to see a picture of the little guy, here's one. It was taken about 2 months ago so he and his brother are bigger now.
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my newly adopted cat has this problem. im going to ask my vet but until then I'm trying to get a sense of if an overbite is an 'always bad situation' or a 'bad situation depending on severity'.

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My Clancy has something similar, more of a cross bite, or kind  a shark's mouth.  I should have called him Sharkey!   I thought his bite didn't seem quite right, the regular vet never mentioned anything.  Then the visiting vet noticed it when he was examining him for his neuter at 6 mos. 


The vet also said he might have dental problems.  I joked about Clancy needing braces laughing02.gif, and he told me there actually are specialists.  YiKES!  I cannot imagine a cat with braces. 


Clancy's bite is improving somewhat, and he has a ways before he reaches his full size.  I am going to wait to see what it's like when he's about a year old.  The vet said he might have to have some extractions or the one tooth he's concerned about filed down to protect the other teeth.  cross.gif

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