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site recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend a good health site? For people, not for kitties.

I don't feel like posting details here because I'm probably worried about nothing and it's a little embarassing and gross. But I'm looking for a site that will allow searches, preferably by symptom. I'm not sure this is a problem, it could just be something I ate, but I need more info.

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IMOHealth finders
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try this
it may be useful
http://dir.yahoo.com/Health/ is also a very good site. I hope this helps.
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There is also www.webmd.com. It is called WebMd. They give you information on everything.
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Once you have the name of the syndrome, you can run a search through Google. It'll help you find the special sites dedicated to the problem.
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Google is great for research on alot of stuff. We use it here at the newspaper.

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IF its a "female" problem, the best one I've ever used is http://www.obgyn.net They are great there.
I also like Webmd and drkoop.com
Lots of great info out there!

ps. When you get to obgyn.net if you choose to, click on forums ( at the top of the page ) and then click on Women't health. You can ask your own question, or just search the archives.
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Sunlion, I hope you get to feeling better soon! *hugs*
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